Today’s post marks #100 for Peace, Love, and Fostering.


It feels like just yesterday that WordPress told me “Congratulations! That was your 15th post!” It’s weird but exciting to sit down right now and think about the fact that I started this blog in August, with zero expectations and very little clue about what I was doing. I saw the many who were doing it, and was inspired to follow in their footsteps. I admired what they were doing, and wished only to be a fraction as successful as they were at sharing stories of beloved fosters.

Fast forward six months, and here I am 100 posts, three foster dogs, and many, many words later. It’s hard to even think of my blogging experience as a whole, because so many monumental events stand out to me. There was the day I brought Zabora home from her spay surgery, after agreeing to foster her on a whim only three days after my Barley passed away. There was the time Zabora got adopted to the perfect home, leaving me heartbroken over saying goodbye to one of my first fosters. There were the weeks leading up to my career milestone, the Love Ball, that were spent with Curious Georgia.  Then of course, there was the decision to bring Baxter into our lives.

Little Zee.

Since Baxter has been with us for nearly four months now, his chapter is becoming more significant every day. It has only been since fostering him that I have updated this blog five days a week, spending almost every evening working on entries. It’s been only since him that I’ve gained such an incredible following, met many wonderful people, and gotten so much touching feedback about what I do. Baxter has changed so many things in my life, but the impact he has had on this blog is immeasurable.

Sometimes it seems difficult to get my posts written, or I stay up late editing pictures, or my evenings are a little more crammed – but it is all worth it. At exactly six months and one week, I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it.  I love photographing my dogs (though that is still something I really need to work on), I love documenting my journey with them, and I LOVE sharing it with all of you.  I wouldn’t trade this for the world, so thank you for being here with me as I figure it all out! You all are the best part of this experience (along with the doggies of course : -) ).