Winter is (Basically) Here… and We Love It!

For some reason I have always been a fan of winter. Maybe it is because we are lucky enough to have seasons here in DC so by the time winter rolls around I am way sick of sweating and air conditioning, or maybe it is because some of my favorite fostering memories are from the fall/winter (it is, after all, about this time two years ago that I brought Mr. Baxter home!). Whatever it is, as the air starts getting crisper and the final leaves fall from the trees, I immediately find a spring in my (now booted!) step.

This year has been no different. I am, as usual, crazy busy, but my time with Paco has continued to be fun and exciting as the cold sets in. We’re finding new ways to work together since during the warmer months our go-to training location was his front yard.  We also haven’t let the cold stop our other activities together. Paco is a surprisingly fantastic running buddy, and the colder it gets the happier we are that we won’t have high temps holding us back from keeping up the pace during our runs. Cold weather running has always been my favorite (versus the summer – ick, no thanks!), and with a simple wardrobe addition, Paco is set to join me.

winter run

Don’t get me wrong – Paco is a good running buddy but he also snuggles like the best of ’em (as if I didn’t make that clear in previous posts).  In between training for KPA and running and hiking and playing tug, you can find Paco right here:

coldsnuggleWe like our cold-weather activities, but also appreciate curling up on a warm couch. And no, I did not adjust the pillows like that. The kid likes to burrow!

I find winter – and of course the Thanksgiving holiday – to be an excuse to look for things around me that I should appreciate, like awesome running weather or sunset skylines like this one from my house’s balcony. It might not be full of beaches, sunshine, tans and flip flops – but for this crazy dog lady, winter is a reason to celebrate!


Stick + Beach = One Happy Dog

Every year on Christmas Day we head down to a local beach in Maine after an exciting morning of opening presents.  The scenery is gorgeous: mountains, crashing waves on the sand, ice and snow.  The beach is usually deserted and we spend the afternoon collecting sea shells and skipping rocks. This year, we shared the beach with a stranger and her friendly pup.

The dog was absolutely adorable. We watched as he and his owner played fetch all the way across the beach. He would bound after the stick and then dig furiously as trying to capture it, continually unable to grasp it as he dug it up and reburied it.  It was hilarious, and soon we were cheering for him when he finally was able to retrieve the stick.

My Aunt is extremely outgoing and it was no surprise when she struck up conversation with the dog’s owner. It turns out he is a rescue dog from Alabama named Beckham (a name that perfectly fit his stunning good looks). He has one blue eye and one brown eye that sit below big ears. He demonstrated how lanky and athletic he was as he bounced around the beach, tail wagging wildly. Beckham was actually with his Grandma, who lives in Maine, and he seemed to be loving the cold weather and the soft sand. On our way out we saw them jogging home. He looked like one awesome dog. I so love running into rescue dogs and their humans when I least expect it!

Maine01 Maine2 Maine03 Maine04

What’s a Dog to Do?

Poor Sinclair is just all worked up over this crazy weather! Here in Maryland we have experienced a total identity crisis for the month of December – this week it was in the 60s! What!? Sinclair just does not understand how he is strutting his stuff in the nice weather one day, and then bundling up for frost the next. What’s a dog to do!?


Get dressed up in cute winter gear, that’s what:


And then sulk about it because it’s embarrassing:


Sorry, Sinny – guess you’re just going to have to get used to it!  We’ve got a long winter ahead of us. Hopefully a family will come along, scoop you up and snuggle you all winter long so you don’t have to wear any more embarrassing scarves.

If you are interested in adding Sinclair and his sonar ears into your family, email me at or fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.

Baxter the Outdoorsman + Kibble for [FB] Comments

For every person who “Likes” Peace, Love, & Fostering’s Facebook page* and then leaves a comment (say hi! say whatever you’d like!) between now and midnight on Dec 21, Baxter & I will donate 1 lb of kibble to the Montgomery County Humane Society!! Share with your friends so we can spread the news about adoptable Baxter while helping needy shelter dogs. Thanks so much! We are only a handful away from our maximum of 200 lbs with less than four days to go!

This weekends cold, crisp, and dry weather was the perfect invitation to take a long adventure through the woods that back up to my house. Comeback Kid Baxter absolutely loves to go on walks. He loves all the sniffs and the fun new things there are to do and see. Equipped with cold weather gear for everyone, we set off on our journey Saturday morning. It was a blast! Check it out:

This is his “nanny nanny boo boo, you can’t catch me” face.

But he was just kidding… he is actually a very good boy about coming when he is supposed to.

Another reason he likes the trail is because sometimes he even gets to stretch his legs a little and get in a quick zoomie when he is being extra good.

At one point, I was impressed he hopped right up on this log when I asked him to. He is really starting to trust me when I introduce him to new situations. It’s so fun to watch him come out of his shell and be excited about things that might have once upon a time scared him. Now he is my little adventure monkey!

We had a blast. Next thing to look forward to? Snow! Or a forever home….

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter and making him your very own hiking partner, click here or email

*Up to 200 lbs of kibble. Multiple comments from the same contributor will only be counted once. If you already “Like” the page, just leave a comment and you will still be counted!