A Welcomed Visitor

The night that I dropped Baxter off was pretty tough. Everything had gone smoothly when I passed him on to his new family, but as soon as I backed out of their driveway I was a mess! I was a fostermom feeling totally lonely without my little shadow, so I decided to go for a run when I got home to help get my mind off things. Upon returning from my run, my dad laughed as he told me I had a visitor inside. “You’ve got a dog waiting for you.”

Apparently Bella, Baxter’s BFF who lives up the street, scooted out of her front door, came down the cul-de-sac and trotted right through my door when my mom came home. She immediately settled in on the couch. It was very funny, especially since we don’t even let our own dogs on the furniture. 

A little part of me wished she was a stray and I would just have to foster her (oh, twist my arm!), but I was also happy that I did know where she lived and could return her safely. It was so great to have another dog in the house, even if only briefly. I took full advantage of the opportunity to get some pibble lovin’.

So even though the evening was a little sad, that visit from Bella put me in a much better mood. It’s great how those waggy tails and pittie smiles can do that, no matter who it’s from!