Agility on the Playground

The best part about building a dog’s confidence is that it’s usually fun for the dog AND owner! Most recently, Otis and I ventured back to our neighborhood playground for some work on the idea that “new things are fun!” Similar to agility, getting Otis to go up and down and up and down the playground steps helps to teach him that he can in fact try new things and nothing bad comes from it.

Here are some videos of Otis totally rocking the jungle gym! Not only did he quickly get over worrying about the steps, he even warmed up to the slide! This first video is of him making it over the whole thing in one try.

Then, just for kicks, I asked him to go back UP the slide – and he did it! I was surprised about that because it wasn’t something I’d helped him practice before, and it certainly wasn’t easy to do. But he just barreled right up it.

He LOVED playing on the playground! I really think he would rock agility if given the chance – something to put on my to-do list. I guess in the mean time we’ll just go around conquering all the playgrounds in the area. No complaints here!

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Video: A Journey’s End

You all didn’t think I’d let you get away without a final video from Big Bruno, did you?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the video from the first half of Baxter’s journey, courtesy of Big Bruno. Many of you saw it in this post about where Baxter came from. It’s tough to watch because Baxter was really different from the way he is now.

Don’t worry, next is the happy ending! Big Bruno just completed this video about Baxter’s recovery at Jasmine’s House, his time with me, and finally – the best part! – him in his new home. You HAVE to check out the end of this where he is running around with his new sister : -)

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up Baxter’s story, and to highlight what is really now quite the beginning for him. Thanks Bruno!

And thank you to everyone else who has shared in this roller coaster ride with us, showering us with insanely nice and positive comments the whole time and especially at the announcement of his adoption. You all are the best followers a crazy newbie blogger could ask for!

Video Wednesday: Living With a Happy Baxter

One of the things about Baxter that people remember most from his arrival to the shelter is that despite the horrible condition he was in, he would still wag his tail. To this day that is one of his defining characteristics. Baxter wags his tail at the slightest feeling of excitement: meeting a new person, seeing a dog, and pretty much any time he is in the kitchen (chubbster!). Even when he is sleeping on his bed, if he likes something he hears or sees, “thump thump thump” goes his tail. It’s a sound I’ve fallen totally in love with.

Here is a video of Baxter just being Baxter. One of the biggest joys of living with Baxter is the enthusiasm and positivity he brings to us at all times. At about :14 you can even catch a glimpse of his signature smile.

If you adopt Baxter, you could be the lucky person to greet this happy dog in the mornings, take this happy dog out for walks, and bring this happy dog with you on new adventures.

Won’t you give Baxter even more reason to be happy by giving him a forever home?

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Video Wednes(Thurs)day: Games with Bax

Bax is a super sniffer. He displays his exemplary nasal powers mostly through his love for solving hidden kibble puzzles and his need to stop every two feet on our walks. I know you all love to play tricks on your dog work your dog’s sniffing muscles every once in a while, and so do we. It is a great way to wear your dog out mentally. One of our favorite games for this is the “which hand is it in?!” game. My mom loves to play this with Bax. He is pretty good at it… most of the time : -)

Then there are the always appreciated methods of entertainment, such as treat balls! Perfect sniffer flexing material.

One thing is for sure: if food is involved, Baxter’s got it covered!

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Video Wednesday: Baxter’s new trick

I really like the idea of sharing videos of Baxter. Pictures capture “1,000 words” worth of personality, but video footage fully shows the goofy side of Mr. Bax. So Wednesdays are now Video Wednesdays. Enjoy!

My mom taught CK Bax a new trick: “paw”! It’s soooo cute. Did I mention how easy it is to teach Baxter new tricks thanks to his ability to pick up on things quickly and his absolute love for food?

Here is our practice run.

And here is “paw” perfected, followed by my favorite command: “kiss” : -)

Happy Wednesday!

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