Will U Be Mine? – The Johnnie Edition

Johnnie Cash is borrowing almost this exact same post from Baxter’s search for a Valentine last year because it is just so perfect. Bax wrote this poem, and now Johnnie wants to know the same. . . will you be hers? See for yourself:


violetsareblue ifyouadoptme foreverloveyou

Couldn’t have said it better myself, J girl!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Take this day as an excuse to tell EVERYONE you love in your life – parents, friends, significant others, pets – how much you appreciate them. I sure do love y’all!

Nothing Says It’s Almost Valentine’s Day Like. . .

. . . a fabulous love-tastic photo shoot of adoptable animals!

I had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented photographer Virgil Ocampo again last night (the same volunteer that took these amazing shots of adoptables a few weeks ago). We were taking pictures for an exciting upcoming Valentine’s Day event at the shelter, and we took the opportunity to go all out with cute pink and red props.

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. I love the chance to celebrate love and to show the people I love in my life a little bit of extra appreciation for a day.  That meant that I had a total blast with this shoot. I can’t wait to show you all the photos! Here’s a little behind the scenes action. . . stay tuned!

vday1 vday2 vday3 vday4 vday5

Emails I Love

Got another Baxter update tonight. SO happy I only have to go one more day without him!

Hi Juliana,  I spent the day visiting a friend but just before I left I saw Mr Baxter….we had a nice walk….pooped and peed too.  : -) As you can see he is fine…See ya Big Bruno

As you can see, Big Bruno is keeping me updated on everything – ha! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Today’s video isn’t as adorably cute, in fact it mostly just shows that he is alive (yay!), happy, and being totally spoiled.

Thanks again Bruno for checking in on Baxter!

Since that video is super short, I’ll also leave you with some Valentine’s Day behind the scenes outtakes.

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

How I Spent My LUV Day

I woke up yesterday feeling sorta funny… sorta like the day was gonna be a day full of extra kisses and hugs – something fostermama referred to as Valadine’s Day. Not sure why I felt this way, but it had me acting all silly for fostermama when she was trying to get ready for work in the morning. It was 7 am but I was wiggling all over the place. I think I am what they call crazy in love. What I’m in love with? I’m not sure of that either. But I know it was fun being goofy and making Fostermama laugh!

I tried really, really, really hard to convince her not to go to work so we could spend the whole day doing nothing! I put on my cutest, silliest antics to try and distract her.

She said it worked a little, and since it was Valadine’s Day she would stop and hang out with me for a bit before work. I was cool with that.

After a quick kiss on the face she told me we had to go to work now, so I put on my Valadine’s Day outfit and got my big licker ready. Bring onnn the lovin!

Work was great, as usual. I hung out with one of my Valadine’s named Dolce. She is one of those looks-smells-acts-like-a-dog-but-can’t-be-a-dog dogs. But she was wearing a pink sweater so I thought she looked pretty cayoot, especially when she had me as paw candy.

Then last night fostermama left me for this thing called a date, but I was sooo happy because it meant I got to hang out with fostergrandma! Fostergrandma is my favorite. She loves on me and makes sure I am always warm and have a full belly. We hung out watching American Idol together.

It was the best day! I hope you all had a great day smoochin on your animals for Valadine’s Day.

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email peacelovefoster(at)gmail.com