Austin Part 2: Margaritas, Lakes, and CHICKERDOODLES

Yesterday you heard all about the first half of my trip to Austin. I think you guys will really get a kick out of the second half. Why? Because it involves a whole lot of these two goofballs:

That’s right, Sir Chick and The Dude. Saturday morning Aleksandra from Love and a Six-Foot Leash picked Mark and I up for two full days of true Austin adventuring. After spending two days as a “tourist”, it was refreshing and exciting to see the city with true locals. Aleks and Ben have been in Austin for years, interrupted by a brief stint in the DC area (which I am so thankful for because it allowed me to meet the two), so they knew all the best spots for swimming, shopping, site seeing, eating, and drinking. They also happen to have the two cutest celebri-bulls around.

After being picked up on Saturday, we headed out to do some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (aka SUP if we’re getting technical). Unfortunately we left the cameras (and the pups) at home for this extra wet activity, but I totally loved it! It’s this weird combination of being really relaxing but also being good exercise – not to mention you get a perfect tan while doing it. New favorite hobby? Check.

After cooling off in the lake we got down to the real important business: margaritas and hanging out with the dogs. I’ve met Chick once before, but being introduced to Doodle – who I have read so much about – was a total treat. These two pups are nothing less than the perfect pair of snuggling face lickers that they seem like on the blog.

That afternoon went a little bit like this: the humans enjoyed margaritas in the backyard while the dogs enjoyed their evening frozen kongs. It was perfect.

We headed out to dinner and enjoyed some delicious Mexican dishes including a surprisingly yummy avocado margarita. We ended the evening with two-stepping at a bona fide Texas honky tonk called the Broken Spoke. Absolute highlight of my trip (if you’re getting the vibe that I’m a misplaced cowgirl, you’re right).

Sunday, our last full day there, was spent at Lake Travis doing what Austinians do best: staying wet and cool. After three days of being surrounded by Memorial Day crowds, we finally found a quiet spot to soak up the sun and enjoy each other’s company.

The weekend of bliss seemed to come to a very quick end as I packed up my bags Monday morning and headed back to MD. It was a total whirlwind of a trip, and I loved every second of it. I cannot thank our hosts enough for everything they did! They sure know how to sell the city, and also set themselves up for another visit from Peace, Love, and Fostering very soon.

3/4 of our favorite Austin family. . . Ben always seemed to slip out of pictures!

Already counting down the days till I can get back there. It seems to me that the boys miss me too much to let me be gone for long!

Austin Part 1 : Boots, Dogs, and Weddings

Yesterday I got back from one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. Last Thursday morning I hopped on a plane to Austin, Texas. Otis revealed last week that I was going to visit the Love & a Six-Foot Leash crew, but I was actually there for a different reason initially. Fosterdad’s cousin was getting married down there, so the dual-purpose trip worked out perfectly. Please excuse the amount of iPhone photos in this post, I promise some adora-bull real camera pictures will show up tomorrow. . .

After arriving on Thursday and having our first of many meals at Mexican restaurants, we settled in and immediately went cowboy boot shopping. I have my trusted old pair, but Mark’s never owned any and we figured this was as good a time as ever to get him some. We headed to Allan’s Boots on South Congress St. and found what I’d like to refer to as “cowgirl heaven”. I was on cloud nine, and we both walked out with a new pair of boots.

You also better believe I immediately found some adoptable animals! Austin Pets Alive is an amazing rescue organization in Austin, and they hold regular adoption events right in a busy area of town. They also have a jog-a-dog program which fits in line perfectly for how much of a running city Austin is. So cool to see how other organizations do things!

After exploring for a good part of the day, we checked out the Austin city night life, including some of the great live music it’s known for.

Friday was the day of the wedding, but we had the whole morning and afternoon to see more of what Austin’s got to offer. That lead us to Barton Springs, or “the Soul of Austin” as it refers to itself as, which is a great water hangout spot created from natural springs. Outside of Barton Springs’ fence was this scene. These dogs were all having such a blast, I could have watched for hours! Can you spy the pittie puppy? :-)

The wedding that evening was absolutely gorgeous, held outside on a small, charming piece of Austin land. It was so nice having everyone together for such a sweet occasion (I’m such a sap). Here we are with fosterdad’s family.

Photo credit to Mr. B

But seriously, check out these details! Can you say Pinterest perfection?

Now this whole time I was very lucky because I knew I didn’t have to worry about my little munchkin back at home. My mom was so sweet and sent me updates in picture form almost every day! Here are two showing first “Otis waiting for his own breakfast” and then “Otis going to get fostergrandma’s breakfast”. Thank goodness for amazing parents!

Then Saturday morning came the next part of our adventure, but you’ll have to wait to hear about all that until tomorrow! Sneak preview:

(And yes, they are even more adorable in person than on the blog, if that is even possible.)

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

These Boots Are Made for Walking… to Austin!

I was sniffing around the other day like I always do and I came across these cowboy boots. What the heck are these doing here??

Fostermama usually only pulls these out when she dances around to weird mu-zic with a cold drink in her hand. So I guess it would make sense that she would pull them out to pack for a trip to a place with lots of that weird kind of mu-zic. . . a trip where she is going to Austin to visit Aleks, Ben, Chick, and Dude from Love and a Six-Foot Leash!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell how excited I am for her!!! I will miss her, but I’ll have fun back here with foster grandma and grandpa, and I know she is going to have a GREAT time drinking margaritas and going on fun Austin adventures with the L&ASFL crew.

Okay, I guess now that I think about it I am a little bit jealous. . .

For information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.