More About Johnnie Cash!

Enough about Johnnie’s past – from here on out we’re going to celebrate who she is now and how bright her future looks!


Johnnie Cash is a little bit over a year old. She’s smart as a whip from what I can tell, learning both “sit” and “down” in the shelter without much effort. She’s picking up quickly on some of the rules of the house, like sitting before she goes out the door and staying off the bed and couches (though she’s not happy about it).

There’s not a person we’ve met that she doesn’t like, and most people are absolutely thrilled with her overly exuberant greetings – though we are working hard to get her to stop jumping up on people! At only about 40 pounds, it’s tough to tell her no to jumping sometimes when she’s covering your face in slobbery kisses.

She absolutely lives for toys and sticks. While she’s pretty food motivated, she’ll do almost anything for a good rope toy. It makes play time fun because she’ll work to receive her toys. Right now we’re only practicing sit and down, but in the future I hope to add some tricks and sharper skills to her repertoire!


Johnnie Cash would be a fabulous dog for pretty much anyone looking to add an active, happy puppy to their life. She’ll excel with positive training so she can be learn desired behaviors. She can be sensitive, especially around big scary things like school buses and garbage trucks, so her adopter should be excited to do training classes with her and to help build her confidence.

Johnnie gets along well with most other dogs. I haven’t figured out what it is about the dogs she decides she doesn’t like, and I probably never will, but she loves I’d say about 90% of other dogs she meets.  Johnnie will probably LOVE to find consistent friends and have play dates. Here she is playing with shelter girlfriend Diamond.


Like I mentioned yesterday, there is no reason why this girl shouldn’t be scooped up! But as usual you can bet that we’ll share all our new adventures together until she’s gone. She’s a total goofball so I know she’ll keep us all laughing for the time being.


If you’re interested in adopting Johnnie Cash, email