Pug Life

I have to take a break from the pitties and shelter dogs to share these adorable creatures as a “welcome to the weekend” celebration. I’ve never really been a pug person, but these guys really got to me at the Maine SPCA event that I wrote about last week. I mean look at their expressions. They just look so. . . lost? Confused? Scared? Regardless of what they’re thinking, I love them.

Happy Friday!

Maine Dogs

Today is Labor Day: the unofficial ending of summer. It’s a day to celebrate with a big party to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall – a time to look back on all your happy summer memories.

For me, one of my best summer memories is always our trip to Maine. When I was in Maine this August, we stopped by the SPCA of Hancock County‘s Pet Show & Fair. I love going to other organization’s events to see their best practices, and of course hang out with a whole different group of dogs!  This event was smaller scale than ones in the DC area, but their sense of community made it different than many of the events I’ve attended. I loved it!

No matter where you go around the country, there’s always going to be something in common: awesome dogs. Here are some shots of pups I met on that drizzly afternoon.

THREE LEGGED PITTIE!!?!? Not sure her story – but this gal was a total lovebug!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day!