Going With the Snow

All you East Coasters know the snow storm we experienced at the end of last week. We’ve had a lot of snow so far this winter, but all in small doses. On Wednesday night we had 10+ inches dumped on the DC area!


Knowing I had my Karen Pryor Academy final testing weekend coming up in just two days, I borrowed Paco to get snowed in with. His family knew they’d have a house full of kids since everyone would be off school, so they were happy to let me take him for as long as I wanted. We grabbed some extra training treats and a bottle of wine and we settled right in for however long we would be snowed in for. In between playing, snuggling relaxing on the couch and eating snow day food, Paco and I got in a lot of really great training. I felt ready for our big test!

IMG_4285IMG_4298Friday morning rolled around and I got some great news that the shelter was closed for the second day in a row so I had the whole day to prepare. I planned out my to-do list and got started with organizing all my supplies for the big weekend. I would need high value treats, long lasting chews, all of our studying/exam materials, the props for our ten-part chain and more.  I was excited to get it all out of the way so I could relax with Paco for the evening.

I got news shortly after my day started that because of the snow we’d gotten and the snow we were going to get Friday night, the final testing weekend was being postponed.  When I read the email, my initial reaction was to be upset. I’d prepared so much and felt so ready, and now I would have to wait even longer to get all my hard work wrapped up.

After a quick pity party I realized there was nothing I could do to change the weather, and that I needed to make the best of the situation. For starters, I now had an entire weekend with nothing on my calendar – something that hadn’t happened in what feels like literally years. Also, now I have more time to prepare for our final exam. Since all of our coursework is out of the way, for the next four weeks (the test is rescheduled for mid-March) I can focus solely on my and Paco’s performance.

IMG_4273So while I wish that I could be writing to you all right now about how the course ended and how Paco and I did, that is no longer the plan. I’ve got four more weeks of practicing and (anxiously!) waiting to test my skills. And we’ll embrace that extra time and be thankful for the additional opportunities to improve ourselves so that we have our best shot at passing and getting our KPA CTP certification. We will keep you updated!


Johnnie’s Happy Snow Dance

We had a surprise snow day on Monday. Well, snow day in the sense that it snowed, not in the “get off work and snuggle under the covers all day” way.  It turns out that Johnnie Cash absolutely L-O-V-E-S the snow. I’m not sure if it’s the crispness of the air or the way the snow feels between her toes or the fact that there’s something to put in her mouth everywhere she looks, but Johnnie absolutely loses it in joyous bunny hops when it snows.

A few weeks ago I probably would have dreaded snow because it would mean that Johnnie would go into hyper over-stimulated mode and lose her marbles at the first sight of it. Monday, however, she was able to play and enjoy it in an extremely healthy and safe way! Thanks to how much we have worked on teaching her how to moderate her own energy levels, Johnnie’s brain seems to be reprogramming itself. She is much more capable of coming down from a burst of crazies to a normal, focused level. We still make a strong effort to never let her get to the point where she is extremely over-stimulated or “stressed up” – so between that and how versed she is getting at refocusing at a moment’s notice, Johnnie has become quite the pro at appropriate play.  Don’t get me wrong, she still has her moments – but they’re much less frequent.

Check out both her joyful, bouncy mode and her adorable, “pose calmly for the camera” mode. . . all in a snow day’s work!

snow1 snow2


To adopt Johnnie Cash the snow bunny, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

Snow Dayyy!

I somehow managed to avoid any snow around Christmas, even though my hometown got dumped on Christmas Eve while I was headed up north where snow is supposed to be inevitable, yet wasn’t. When I went to visit Mark’s parents my luck changed, and we got an entire day’s worth of thick, fresh powder.  By Saturday afternoon his neighborhood was blanketed in white.

We took my two favorite golden furballs out to play in the snow after we finished shoveling the driveway.  They love the snow just like we do, and right away started pouncing and digging around the fresh piles.  Their favorite thing to do is try to catch snow balls we throw in the air. Profitta is getting a little old for it, but Seamus is still as athletic as ever.

I didn’t have my Canon on this trip so Mark’s dad let me borrow his Nikon D5000. It was a lot of fun using another type of camera, even though I had to shoot in auto because I could not for the life of me figure out how to change any settings (which also made me so appreciate my Canon’s manual option!). The Nikon was a really neat little camera, and took some awesome photos.

20 19 17 16 12 14 08 07 03 02 06

We hope those of you who got some snow enjoyed it with your pets – whether it was playing outside or snuggling up on the couch inside.

Happy last day of 2012!

Snow day: friend or foe?

Another first with Baxter: a snow day!

Would any of you be surprised if I told you Baxter wasn’t exactly a fan of the snow?

He was (as expected) pretty funny exploring this new white powdery stuff that – he was rather frustrated to report – was nothing yummy and pretty darn cold. He also raised protest when he realized access to the backyard was restricted thanks to a long set of snowy stairs. Crap.

Bax knows that fostermom won’t let him back in the house until he does his business, so he bravely made his way down the wintry steps.

And then he decided that for one quick minute he liked the snow, and he did a zoomie.

But that was merely a brief moment of confusion on Baxter’s part, and he quickly remembered he didn’t like the snow and that he wanted to be inside the toasty house.

He was much happier to come inside and do what he does best while the humans snuggled on the couch with hot chocolate. It ended up being the perfect snow day.

Don’t you want someone like Baxter to spend your snow days with?

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.