Remember That Time I Said “Adventure”?

It seems Charlie had other plans, or maybe my three-day weekend induced laziness just rubbed off on him. Ever since about 7:30 pm Sunday, Charlie and I have been nothing but a pile of cat napping blobs. The temperatures plummeted Sunday night, so between that and the fact that we had roughly nothing on the agenda Monday, we found it completely reasonable to stay in our pajamas for the majority of the day (well, me in my pjs and Charlie is in his Snood).


There aren’t many things better than a dog who follows you around and sleeps whenever you stop moving. Charlie decided to grace me with the old man side of his personality for this stay, as opposed to the puppy side that his mom tells me is quite rambunctious. I wouldn’t have minded the puppy side, but getting to lay low on a day off is so welcomed!

sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5 sleep6

Hope you all had a nice day off work if you were lucky enough to have the holiday!  For those of you who didn’t get the day off, sorry for rubbing it in :-).

AC Chillin’

Many of you heard about how badly Maryland and the surrounding areas were hit by a violent storm Friday night, with millions losing power. We were some of the very, very lucky ones who regained power early Saturday morning, meaning we were hardly without air conditioning.

For the first time in what seemed like ages, I had almost no obligations this weekend. That meant Otis and I were free to soak up and appreciate our air conditioned home as much as we wanted. So that is what we did. We lazed around, I read while Otis slept, we snuggled – I think Otis was absolutely thrilled to have my undivided attention all weekend.

Check out how great Otis is at doing absolutely nothing! (This, mind you, is with zero exercise. Yes, I am a lazy foster mom. Otis is completely accommodating.)

We enjoyed our down time inside plenty, but we knew we had to get out and soak up the sunshine eventually. Check back tomorrow to see what we came up with to stay cool while we played outside!

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Furget Me Not

Hello Everyone. I would like to remind you that despite FosterMom’s best efforts to make you think I had all but disappeared last two posts about other things, I am still around! I am still here doing what I do best: looking sleepy, being pathetic, and oozing cuteness.

I’m also always on safety dog duty, using my epic drool to ward off any intruders. You can find me in most doorways inspecting the happenings going on around the house, making sure I approve of them all.

So don’t be fooled by FosterMom’s off-topic posts – I haven’t gone anywhere but to snooze on the couch! Don’t forget about me!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

Baxter Rests Up for Turkey Day

Everyone knows the week before the week of Thanksgiving is the worst. You’re so excited about the holidays, but they’re still so far away! Well Comeback Kid Bax decided to embrace the dreary week he is facing the best way he knows how: by sleeping.This dog can sleep off his blues like the best of em.

CK Baxter knows how well sleeping passes the time. He also know how much his humans like it when his two speeds are: (1) walk and (2) sleep. Sprinkle the occasional zoomie in there and you’ve got the quiet little house dog you’ve always dreamed of (who is still very happy to join you for exercise). It makes me very jealous though when I leave the house for work and he is snoozing in his crate – why can’t I be like Baxter and lounge around all the time! Maybe I’ll just join him. Wake us up at Thanksgiving.

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