Siriusly Stylin’

We admit this post is a little late, as you’ve probably seen Johnnie’s new threads pop up in our pictures the last few days – but we needed to officially share: our pretty pup is now donning some fabulous new accessories! Before we even brought J home we went straight to the Sirius Republic website in search of the perfect collar for her. After lots of back-and-forth, we finally chose this Billie one because it was feminine enough to stick up for her tomboy name, but not too over the top girly. It was perfect for our little Johnnie.

sirius01 sirius02


And of course we had to get her a snood as well. We chose this red roses one to continue with her girly yet not obnoxious color scheme. I LOVE this snood on her. . . it’s the perfect compromise for chilly days where both of us are too lazy to put her in a coat! Or when it’s so cold we need the snood AND the coat.

snood01 snood02 snood03


Thanks, Sirius Republic, for another awesome addition to our foster dog wardrobe!

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There is a trend sweeping the doggy nation, and it comes in the form of tubular neck scarf – for dogs. Known as a snood, these scarves make the perfect cold weather accessory for your pooch. Don’t believe me that folks everywhere are dressing their dogs in these neck warmers? Check out Our Waldo Bungie’s post about it from just a few days ago (one that I didn’t see until after I started writing this!) or any of Two Pitties in the City’s recent posts!

We all know that the key to staying warm during the winter is to cover up your extremities, mostly importantly your head. Since many dogs won’t put up with wearing a hat, a snood to cover their neck is the perfect compromise to for those cold-sensitive areas not sheltered by a coat or jacket. What I also like about snoods is the fact that they’re (I think) more comfortable and free for dogs to just wear around the house.

When Charlie came to stay with me, his mom sent him with his Sirius Republic snood. While I’d seen so, so many of my online doggy friends rocking their snoods, I’d never had one for a dog myself. On that first chilly afternoon together, I stuck Charlie’s on him and didn’t take if off the entire time he was with me.  He’s still got thin hair and he’s a tiny little thing, so I’m always worried he’s too cold in my house (considering I always am), and the snood was the perfect solution. . . not to mention it was ADORABLE!


Whether we were inside on the couch watching a football game (see Monday’s post) or braving the cold outside, Charlie had on his snood. As you can see, it did not restrict his playfulness or range of motion one bit!

06 07 08


If you live somewhere cold, I highly recommend you invest in such a versatile piece of doggy clothing!  It’s pretty much a guarantee that your pup will look irresistibly cute in it!

“How To” by Baxter: Volume 2

Speaking of comfortable…..

How to show off, according to Baxter: Upside down, of course!!

Showing off his new blue hoodie.

Showing off his “Adopt Me” vest at Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring.

Showing off his new…. wait, is that what you think it is?

Yes, it is a Sirius Republic collar!

What do you think!? I can’t even contain myself…. I LOVE IT!!! I mean, Bax is handsome enough to look good in anything – but I can’t get over how well this pattern fits him.

This sleepy little monkey loves his new collar. It will follow him to his new home, a tradition I’ve stolen (because I love it so much) from Love & a Six Foot Leash. And he would like to REALLY REALLY thank his favorite fosteraunt for getting it for him.


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