Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It’s hard to believe that celebrating Halloween last year was the weekend before I picked up Baxter! This year’s Halloween is much different than last year while I prep for The Love Ball, not for picking up my very first foster. It brings back some great memories of this little one though:

Gosh, I miss him! That was quite the Fall/Winter getting to know him and what it’s like to have a foster dog. Once this gala is over and done with I know the itch to have a dog will be back. Until then I will just enjoy the memories that the leaves and crisp air bring to me :)

What are you all dressing your dogs up this year!? Head over to the PLF Facebook page and show us some pictures!  Here are some silly costumes we saw at Pit Bull Awareness Day last weekend.

Happy Halloween everyone!


I never realized all those times I dressed up my foster dogs that I was really on to something: adopters love dogs in costumes! Silly outfits give a dog the appearance of having a sense of humor, and who doesn’t want a funny dog?  Animals also stand out so much more when they are wearing a costume. This is most valuable on adoption sites where you have hundreds of little thumbnails to go through and the ones you’re likely to click on are the ones that have lots of color or something else unique about them.  Ever wonder how to cure “black dog syndrome”? Stick a rainbow collar on them!

These shelter adoptables have been my costume guinea pigs with a new batch of outfits I just ordered. Photographing dogs in costumes is a tough feat – especially when they are shelter dogs with lots of pent up physical and mental exercise (“fabric! yay! time to chew!”). You have to be very quick with your camera, and get a patient person to help you. Then, if you’re lucky, you’ll get some halfway decent shots amongst the chaos.

Then sometimes you get the as-close-to-perfect-as-you-can shot, and those make it totally worth the patience. Seriously – who can say no to a dog wearing a tuxedo, pig outfit, dress, or monkey suit?

In case you’re wondering, everyone’s looking for forever homes but the piggy.  Tig the Pig has already been adopted – hooray!

Happy Friday!

Pug Life

I have to take a break from the pitties and shelter dogs to share these adorable creatures as a “welcome to the weekend” celebration. I’ve never really been a pug person, but these guys really got to me at the Maine SPCA event that I wrote about last week. I mean look at their expressions. They just look so. . . lost? Confused? Scared? Regardless of what they’re thinking, I love them.

Happy Friday!

The Many Faces/Personalities of Otis

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ve got this place under full surveillance. You can eat your lunch worry free.”

“You can call me King of the Sofa!”

“Mom. If you give me that piece of hot dog I promise I won’t do anything bad ever again in my life. EVER. PLEASE.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Monday…. YUCK!!!!”

“Is this sexy enough? It’s my good side, you know.”

“if you think the fact that it’s 6 am means I’m going to leave you alone… you’re wrong. I’m going to watch you until you wake up and feed me.”

Okay… all you dog owners out there know that this is most certainly a face as well.

“This is the best day ever!”

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.