Why You Want Me Wednesday

Thanks to the past two Wednesdays, you now know that I am a great lap dog and that I’ll join you on adventures. Today, I’m here to tell you a very silly reason why you want me:


That’s right. I combine my love for being a yoga dog (which you saw yesterday) with my love for a good snooze to bring you your daily giggle. Or, as it seems from the way my Foster Mama responds, your daily confused head shake.  Check out my yoga legs in some of these shots!

sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5

sleep6 sleep7 sleep8

sleep9 sleep12 sleep11 sleep13

I would like to point out for those of you who are getting the wrong impression from this post. . . I am a heavy sleeper, but only when I get plenty of exercise ;-)


To adopt your own sleepy Johnnie Cash, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

Frog Legs or Freak Legs?

Johnnie does this really odd thing with her hind legs, something I’ve never seen a dog do before. She folds them under when she’s sitting up like she’s kneeling! I know many frog-leg-loving canines when they are lying down, but Johnnie folds her legs like this when she’s sitting. It’s one of the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! It sometimes seems like it’s even more comfortable to her than sitting “normally.”  Does anyone else’s dog sit like this?


It’s gotten to the point where when she does it randomly, often times with only one leg, I ask her, “Why you taking a knee, Johnnie girl?” (We all talk to our dogs, let’s be honest.)


One perk to this weird sitting habit is easy access to muddy paws for cleaning purposes!


She is such a goofball, and it always makes us laugh. . . which is a hint to tomorrow’s Why You Want Me Wednesday! See you guys then!


To add your own little knee-sitting Johnnie Cash to your family, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

My Ears & I Are Still Single!

Can you believe it? Sinclair, the perfectly behaved Jasmine’s House adoptable, is still looking for a home! I introduced him to the blog in early December when I watched him for a bit, and I spent a whole week gushing about how awesome he is. At about three years old, he’s at the age where you know what you’re getting (something I have learned to really appreciate).  He’s easy going, up for anything and described by his foster mama as, “The laziest foster dog I’ve had!” Doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

If his dazzling personality hasn’t won you over, let me remind you of two things that might (I’m referring to that pair of large things on his head that make him ridiculously adorable):


Sinclair’s been a bachelor his whole life, but I think he’s ready to settle down and become a family dog. I know it will just take the right person (family) to come along and make him change his bachelor ways – perhaps someone who likes to hike, play ball and share toys – but that person is out there. Could it be you? Once he meets that person (family), his life will be changed forever as he realizes he wants nothing more than to leave his bachelor pad behind to move in with them! He might even reveal how much he loves to let them cuddle with him. Whoever steals Sinclair’s heart will be quite the lucky one – this guy is a total catch! (Must be why all the ladies want him so bad.)




If you’re interested in adding this heart throb to your family, fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website!

Everyday Dogs, Everyday Owners

I had another recipe for a perfect day when I headed down to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for my second B-More Dog walk on Sunday. Many of you probably remember the last time I went on a B-More Dog Pit Bulls on Parade (see here and here) where I soaked up all the adorable pitties with their owners. B-More Dog’s mission is to promote responsible pet ownership through education and outreach, and they hold Pit Bulls on Parade once a month to show the community that we are the everyday “pit bull” dog owner.

These walks help dispel the myth that if you own a “pit bull” dog, everyone will be afraid of you. Unfortunately, when those of us with “pit bull” dogs talk about how people cross the street or pull their kids away when they see us – even though we are usually saying it in a light hearted way since we know our dogs are nothing to be afraid of – we send the message that the public as a whole is scared of “pit bull” dogs.  Generalizations like this can cause people to shy away from considering a “pit bull” dog for adoption because they don’t want their friends to stop hanging out with them or to be looked at as an outsider – even though those of us with these dogs know that likely won’t happen (if you’ve got decent friends at least).

The more we demonstrate that these dogs are just everyday pets, the less we perpetuate myths that they should be treated differently. If I had a dollar for every person that stopped to ooh, aah, and coo at all the dogs on Sunday, I’d be able to buy front row seats to the Ravens game. Sure, there are some Negative Nancys in the crowd, but the overwhelming majority are positive and excited to see the dogs – just like in every day life.

It was a beautiful Autumn morning in the harbor and despite another big event going on, the dogs were well behaved and it seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves. It was great meeting a few blog followers too – of course I always love that! Thanks to everyone who came out. There were all sorts of shapes and sizes in attendance!

For more information about getting involved with B-More Dog, visit their website.

Costume Outtakes

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s photo of Otis being a bona fide biker pup! Despite his thrilled expression, in general he is not exactly one to cooperate for silly shoots. You’ve probably noticed by now that I love to dress my foster dogs up (hey, it helps them looks totally irresistible to adopters!) and Otis does not care for costumes in the slightest. Any half way decent photo of him wearing a silly get up is one of hundreds that I take over the course of a single shoot as he continuously tries to get the prop off. The end result is maybe one or two good photos, but a really awesome blooper reel!

Well, going through those certainly doesn’t make me feel any better as a foster mom! Oh my poor pups. As you can see, Otis is a really great sport for putting up with everything I make him do.

Happy Friday!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.