Your Weekly Dose of Golden

For the sake of not subjecting you all to an entire week of iPhone photos, here is a little change of pace with a photo visit from one of my favorite Golden Retrievers, Seamus! I got to spend last weekend with him and we all enjoyed heading outside to play some frisbee when it finally cooled off.

Hope you have as much fun this weekend as Sham does playing frisbee!

Video Wednesday: Reunions With Otis

Pictures simply do NOT do Otis justice. Especially when I sit here all day and blab about how reserved he can be. I suppose the occasional zoomie picture might give him some credit where credit is due, but when Otis is out of his shell – which is a lot at my house – he is one of the silliest, happiest dogs I know.

Coming home to Otis is hilarious, and hands down the best part of my day. He gets so excited that his butt scoots underneath him and he just starts frog leaping all over the place. I feel a little bit bad misleading people that he is calm and subdued all the time – because this two year old certainly has puppy energy when he wants to! But that’s what I love about him (and the fact that he zonks out two minutes later). His joy is infectious, and it can cure any tough day at work.

Warning: this video has some screeching in it, so turn your volume down and enjoy the hurricane that is Otis upon my return!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

And They’re Off!

Lots of horse talk this week, but I can’t help it – tomorrow is the Belmont Stakes! Race horse I’ll Have Another has won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, and tomorrow will race to win the first Triple Crown title since 1978. For those of us who have yet to witness a Triple Crown win in our lifetime, this is super exciting. We’ve had our hearts broken before by Funny Cide, Smarty Jones, Big Brown, and four others who won the first two legs but couldn’t pull through in the third race.

We’re all hoping this year will be different. The Belmont Stakes is the longest of the three races, which is why even though a horse can finish extremely well in the first two, the third race is always the toughest. I love Triple Crown season, but those 3 minutes are the most nerve-racking minutes of my life! Ahh!

Anyway, back to the point. Otie ran his own Belmont Stakes race this week and would like me to report to everyone that he won. He is quite the Thoroughbred.

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

Running With Dogs

I’ve really gotten into running in the last four or so years, and have always dreamed of having a canine partner. Unfortunately, none of the dogs I’ve ever owned, sitted, or fostered have ever really been runners! Barley was too old by the time I picked it up, Zabora literally could not run in a straight line, and Baxter had his own agenda when it came to our exercise speeds. I would get us all geared up only to decide a quarter mile into our route that the effort I was putting into convincing each dog they wanted to run with me was far more than the actual run itself, and we would both give up and walk home. It was fine – each time it ended up giving me a good laugh and some quality time with my pooch.

This past weekend I ran the DC Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon. I love running these races in big cities because so many spectators bring their dogs out to watch. You’d be surprised how counting the pitties along the route can easily make the 13.1 miles go by quick! Or guessing the breed break down of the mutts I passed, or ooh-ing and aww-ing at the puppies. It adds another great element to the run for us dog lovers.

The best part came from a woman I was running behind for some of the route. She gave her dogs to her friends who came to watch the race. At every checkpoint, there were her dogs so excited to see her! She would run up, let them jump all over her in full blown “I can’t believe it’s really you, you’ve been gone for so long!” mode, then keep going on her way. Can you think of better motivation than being greeted by your favorite slobbery kissing, paw bouncing, tail wagging pups when you’re exhausted and trying to push through those last miles? It helps seeing my family, but I can only imagine how happy it would make me to see the smiling faces of my dogs along the route.

I’m really hoping one of my next fosters will be a runner. Of course I will love them either way, but I can’t wait to share my long evening runs with a jogging partner – someone I won’t have to worry about going too fast or too slow with!

Video Wednesday: Baxter & Bella

For this Video Wednesday I want to showcase two BFFs hanging out, doing what they do best: zoomies!

I have fallen in love with having a dog-friendly canine because all you have to do is put them together with a well-known doggy friend in a fenced area and boom! – instant exercise. Running around with Bella for 20 minutes is more exercise than I could ever give Baxter. He plays for half an hour then sleeps for three days! It’s great. I know you missed Bella‘s cute mug, so here are some pictures from their most recent playdate.

And since these pictures don’t do these two silly pitties justice, check out a video…

When they’re not playing together, you can find them going on dates. Upon exiting the backyard, they both put on their “great manners” hats and behave perfectly on adventures with their humans their dates together. When they’re out on the town you would never think that, given some open space, they’d become a flash of black and white fur whizzing by you.

So, what’s better than one well-behaved dog in a car?

Two well-behaved dogs in a car!

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