The Perks of Vacation

Hi friends. Johnnie Cash here to, just like my post title says, tell you why vacations are awesome. Not that it needs much splainin, it’s just that from my little doggy perspective a lot of things stuck out in the best way possible about last weekend.

First of all, foster mom forgot to share THIS gem yesterday from my canoeing escapades. Look at me Eeyore-ing all over the place.  You would think from my ashamed-like face that I feel bad about all the mud on foster dad’s clothes, but I am secretly very excited that now we share the same belly spots! At least for this photo.


Anyway, so the number one most awesomeist thing about last weekend was the rules – or, well, lack thereof. You see, at home I have all these stupid moronic rules to follow, including but not limited to: NOT being allowed on the furniture or the bed. Can you believe it!? Every time I try to sneak my teensie weensie body onto the human bed, I realize my efforts are fruitless and I give up and retreat to my dog bed. It is just such a hard life. Well, to my absolute *DELIGHT*, foster dad gave me the “if you try it I won’t stop you” face when we were all hanging out by the couch on the first afternoon. I had just woken up from an epic nap in the deck’s sunspot, and apparently there is something about my ultra-sleepy face that is oh so irresistible because foster dad let me right up when I put my precious little paws on the couch. I knew the deal would be sealed when I curled up into a little ball beside him. Foster mom of course immediately gave foster dad the “you did something bad” eyes that I seem to get a lot every once in a while, and when his response was, “How can you expect me to say no to this?!” I knew I had played my cards right.


Because everyone was in an extra happy mood all weekend and because I worked my cute magic on them, the same thing happened on Sunday morning, but this time with the bed! Wahoooo! I have been waiting soooo long to snuggle with foster mom and dad in their human bed, but they always grumble about dog hair and not enough space. Boo on them. But Sunday morning my dream came true! Not only was I allowed, they actually put me there. I was in doggy heaven. The dream was short lived because we had to pack up, but I savored my time in that bed and have been thinking about it ever since.

01 02

I have actually rewarded foster mom and dad for letting me on the couch and bed during vacation by not trying to ignore the rules that still stand in my normal foster home. Luckily I have not thought that on-the-bed dog on vacation translates to on-the-bed dog at home. I am one smart pooch, training them to let me get what I want.

So the other fun things about vacation are basically just a lot of time with my foster parents. They usually have these crazy busy lives where they’re always running around and sometimes I get to get and sometimes I don’t. Not like I mind, because I absolutely LOVE spending time with my foster Gs, but it was nice to spend some quality time with these humans, just us three.

On Saturday evening, one thing we all did together was go watch the sunset. Foster mom has this weird obsession with sunsets, and it just so happens that Shenandoah National Park has some pretty impressive ones. We trekked up the mountain (okay, we drove) and posted up on this rock that had the absolute perfect view. The humans brought a blanket and since I was shivering from the cold they made me join them in the blanket. I was sort of a brat because I would say “I want to come in” and then two seconds later say “Wait, I want to get out!” and then try to come back in again (I just like to keep them guessing, duh). But it was an awesome foster family outing nonetheless.



01What this trip made me really want was a family of my own. I love my foster family and they love me, but they just can’t keep me. I want to find people who will love me like they do and take me on fun adventures and make sure I keep learning to be the best dog I can be (especially if that learning keeps involving sting cheese). I want humans to call my FUREVER family.  I am being very patient, especially since living with these guys is so much fun, but I can’t help but wonder who is out there for me. Are you my perfect family?


To add Johnnie Cash to your family, check out her Adopt Me page.

Spoiled Rotten

For those of you who don’t know, Joanie’s full name is Joanie Rotten. In the words of Jasmine’s House, this is how her name came to be:

“Johnny Rotten was the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, a 70’s UK punk rock band responsible for initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians. They are regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music. Joanie Rotten got her name because she reminded us of the kind of perseverance, leadership and influence this band had on music history. She’s a tough, beautiful lady. She’s got swagger, she’s cool under pressure, and she’s wagging her tail in the face of all the opposition she’s faced. She’s gonna make a difference, be an inspiration and change perceptions, just like Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols did.”

She fits the name pretty well, wouldn’t you say? While I LOVE this description, I’d venture to say she ended up with “Rotten” in her name for another reason too: because she’s got a way of making her humans SPOIL her rotten!

We have a pretty strict ‘no animals on the furniture’ rule. We bend the rule for some dogs – like Zabora and Otis – but only on one specific couch and only if that couch has protective covering. Well, as you can imagine, Joanie made her way on to the couch the first night. No surprise there. What I didn’t expect to happen is that she’d win both me and my Mom over to make it up on our beds too! I came home from work the other day to this sight:

Yes, that is Joanie taking a nap with my Mama, ON the bed. Naturally I couldn’t be the mean one and not let her on mine, so later that night, this is where Joanie ended up. . .

For the sake of not having her foster parents hate me for spoiling all the manners out of her, Joanie still spends the nights in her crate. During the day, though, you can probably find her on either a bed or the couch, snoozing away (or just looking really cute).

Can’t say I mind having this snuggle bug accessible for nap time cuddles!

If you’re interested in learning more about adopting Joanie, email me at or fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.