My New Friend Clay

Hey guys! I have someone I want you all to meet. He is my new bud-dey, and his name is Clay. He came from somewhere up the black road. . . FosterMama called him a neighburr. To me he is just a new bud-dey.

Clay is a chill guy, sometimes even a little too chill for me. I say “Hey bud-dey, let’s wrestle!” But he is usually not really feeling it. Dunno why. He sits there and stares at me while I bounce all around him. I even try to body slam him and he still just stands there!

Fostermama says it’s because I like to play ruff with my guy friends. She says I’m a typical dude: sweet and gentle around the ladies, then a total immature pig wild child around the guys! I tell her it’s just how us guys are, and I remind her of my WWE Smackdown with Kenji.

So I decided to stop trying to be manly with Chill Clay, since he clearly just did NOT understand guy code. He is only a puppy – less than a year old – so he doesn’t get a lot of things. Want to know something SO CRAZY!? Clay doesn’t know how to do the look. You know, the look you give to your fostermama when you want the yummy thing she has in her hand! Look at this poor dude attempting the look.

I had to explain to him all the key components of the look: the ears, the eyes, the sad sad expression. It took, well, a lot of teaching, guidance, rearranging…

"Here, here! Is this it??" "Umm... not quite. Move your chin a little lower and to the left... yeah, right there..."

But it turns out I am a pretty good teacher if I do say so myself!  You better believe that these four soft eyes eventually got us puhlenty of yummies.

And after some practice, he really perfected it!

Hope ya guys enjoyed meeting Clay!

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