Stick + Beach = One Happy Dog

Every year on Christmas Day we head down to a local beach in Maine after an exciting morning of opening presents.  The scenery is gorgeous: mountains, crashing waves on the sand, ice and snow.  The beach is usually deserted and we spend the afternoon collecting sea shells and skipping rocks. This year, we shared the beach with a stranger and her friendly pup.

The dog was absolutely adorable. We watched as he and his owner played fetch all the way across the beach. He would bound after the stick and then dig furiously as trying to capture it, continually unable to grasp it as he dug it up and reburied it.  It was hilarious, and soon we were cheering for him when he finally was able to retrieve the stick.

My Aunt is extremely outgoing and it was no surprise when she struck up conversation with the dog’s owner. It turns out he is a rescue dog from Alabama named Beckham (a name that perfectly fit his stunning good looks). He has one blue eye and one brown eye that sit below big ears. He demonstrated how lanky and athletic he was as he bounced around the beach, tail wagging wildly. Beckham was actually with his Grandma, who lives in Maine, and he seemed to be loving the cold weather and the soft sand. On our way out we saw them jogging home. He looked like one awesome dog. I so love running into rescue dogs and their humans when I least expect it!

Maine01 Maine2 Maine03 Maine04

Two Female Pit Bulls Walk into a Shelter. . .

. . . and are told they cannot be adopted together because same-sex pairs never work.

Here at Peace, Love & Fostering we are not a fan of stereotypes, strict guidelines, or inflexible restrictions that stand between finding a dog the perfect home. We believe in having a conversation with adopters, being open to trying new things, seeing what works for each dog as an individual, and using the things we observe to make judgement calls.

These two girlys were adopted into the same family about two years apart from each other.  Ayla, the sweet white dog, has been living with her new sister Gigi for around a month now and is loving her new life. They play together and snuggle and even share toys. Lucky Ayla for finding such a sweet spot to land!





Do you have two same-sex “pit bull” dogs in your family? We’d love to hear about it or even see some photos! Head over to the PLF Facebook page and upload your picture to our wall.

Have a great weekend, friends.

Weekend With a Dog

After an amazing week at Animal Farm Foundation (much more about that later), I was ready to walk into the shelter and bring home all the adoptable pitties. I knew I couldn’t do that, but I got a nice compromise when I agreed to dog sit for the weekend! Mandy is a family friend’s beagle/sheltie pup that they adopted about nine years ago. I first introduced her to the blog just around a year ago, and haven’t really gotten the chance to watch her since then because I’ve been so full with fosters. It was great to catch up with her and have some “girl time.”

At close to ten years old, Mandy is the kind of dog that I can bring anywhere.  She’s developed some anxiety in recent years, so she prefers to join you on the adventure, not stay at home. Since she’s compact and totally adorable, I did take her with me pretty much everywhere this weekend.  We went into the city to watch the (disappointing) Terps game with friends, and then she even joined us for lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed some down time doing what she does best: cuddling up in front of the tv.

It was so refreshing having a dog again. I loved having a companion to do things with and I loved coming home to her excitement. But it was also a reminder of the work involved, the schedule changes, the time investment – it’s easy to forget those things once a foster dog leaves.  I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to foster again, so I’m glad I had Mandy to help me remember my priorities.  It sure was nice to have this scene back again though!

I’m anxious to foster again and I know I will when the time is right (and it’s likely the “right time” will be when FosterDad returns from his business trip at the end of September).  Dog sitting is a pretty good gig, especially when the dog is as well behaved, adorable, and snuggly as Mandy. Pretty sure I’m feeling the effects of pittie-tail&smile-withdrawl though!

Celebrating Anna

While I was cheering for Otis as he went to his new home last week, dear friends of mine were saying a sad goodbye to their beautiful dog, Anna. Many of you met Anna on Friday when Chick so eloquently wrote about her, and now I’d like to write a bit. The nice thing about these blogs is that we can share wonderful dogs with hundreds of people who may never meet them in person, but now have the opportunity to get to know them through pictures and stories. Anna certainly deserves this little bit of spotlight I can give her.

I met Anna about a year ago. The first time I saw her I marveled at her spunk, shocked that she was 14 years old. Her fur was soft as silk, with a loving, gentle personality to match. At that time, we were in full swing prep mode for the shelter’s annual gala, and Anna’s mom is a big part of the committee – including letting us hold meetings at her house. There were many late nights setting up the auction with Anna right there with us. She probably knew more about those auction items than we did by the end of it.

It was so great having her and the rest of “The Pack” around during those long nights of preparation. Any time we needed a break, there they were for a snuggle and some kisses (though we let them keep the ear-licking to each other).

I had the privilege of photographing Anna and her mama a few weeks before she passed. That was the last time I ever saw this sweet girl, and even though she wasn’t feeling well she still greeted me with a happy wagging tail. She was a very special dog and will be missed dearly, though certainly not forgotten.  She lives on in the hearts of everyone who met her, especially her human parents and furry siblings.

We will really miss Anna, but angels need to go back to heaven eventually. Hope you’re enjoying running around with my Barley up there, Annabanana!

Snuggler Extraordinaire

Otis told you last week about how bummed he was that it wasn’t going to be sunny, warm weekend – but it turns out he had a plenty good weekend anyway.

Former foster Baxter was a unique dog in that he really liked his space, which I wrote about once when I explained that I don’t need a dog to be snuggly in order to fully appreciate them. Otis, however, is quite the opposite and loves invading your space – which means being on and around you at all times.

We don’t normally allow our foster dogs on the furniture, but after a week of enforcing this rule it was clear that while Otis was obediently staying on his dog bed, he would be much happier spending the time he was alone in the house on the couch (pushovers, we know – but you have to choose your battles!). After equipping the couch with some protective linens, we let him on up.

It turns out it was a great decision for both him and me, because he is the snuggliest dog I have ever met and our evenings together on couch while I blog are so nice.  He is even snuggly with people he’s just met, like my best friend Sarah who came over to enjoy a rainy Sunday with us.

So while the whole cuddling thing was new to me after growing up with cranky Barley and then four months of independent Baxter, I can certainly say I’m now totally obsessed with it getting pretty used to it. There’s nothing like ending a long day with a big lug of a dog sprawled across your lap, am I right? :)

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, check out his adopt me page or email

Introducing… Honey Bunches of Otis!

Hi Everyone. My name is Honey Bunches of Otis – Otis or Otie for short. Fostermama says she named me that goofy name because it’s her favorite cereal I am sweet like honey. I would agree except I don’t know what honey is.

I’m not an old dog, despite how wise I look. I’m probally between two or three years old. I’m different than a lot of the adoptable dogs you meet because the last year of my life is well known and is full of a lot of love. But despite how much love I’ve gotten, no one has really figured out what makes me happy. You see, I originally came from this place they call a “hoarder”, and I spent most of my life sheltered in a box. I was safe from everything! So when they broke me out of that place, everything was new and weird to me. Most of the time now when I see something new and weird, I just want to go hide in a box.

They call me a “scaredy cat” – but I keep trying to tell them I am a dog! I like doing doggy things like rolling around in the grass and chewing on toys and galloping through the woods. I may not be as brave as some of those other dogs, but I can wag my tail like the best of them! I’ve learned that a good way to be braver is to find a human to protect you. My humans are very important to me, and I like doing everything with them! I repay them for their protection in snuggles, kisses, and extreme tail-to-body wags.

Do I look familiar? That might be because I have been with fostermom before. Even though the first time I was with her was for a two week vacation over the summer when I transitioned on to my second forever home, she says this time I am not just on a short vacation. She says I am here until I find my REAL forever home – which I guess means the one I will get to live in for the rest of my life. That sounds like a really nice idea. Besides, I like this place for now. It’s quiet and familiar and it doesn’t have many things that scare me. I can finally relax, which is something I haven’t been able to for a long time.

It’s funny how this thing called relaxing is making me feel better already. I don’t have to worry about my big scary sister who would bounce and bark and bully me around all the time. I don’t have to be nervous about little humans running around. I can just be a dog, which is something I’m slowly remembering how to do – and it’s fun! Today fostermom took me to the creek and I remembered how much I love water!

Fostermama says I’m going to remember a lot about being a dog over the next few weeks, and that you all are going to be here with me as I improve. I think I am liking this bloggy world already. So nice to meet ya!