Update on Baxter

Thankfully I am here with good news about Baxter’s recovery. He is home and healing up in the comfort of his own family!  He was released from the hospital Tuesday evening, and his family was up all night keeping him comfortable and giving him meds. As you could have probably guessed, he has been subjected to the cone of shame.

I actually got the chance to go visit him yesterday! His hero Big Bruno was babysitting ‘the kids’ all day, so I stopped by during my lunch. Baxter was in great spirits and greeted me at the door with the rest of the welcoming committee. They are a silly bunch, those three.

He’s got a bunch of energy, which is good – but it means they have to be extra careful about keeping his activity level low. The silly guy barely acts like he almost died!

His parents are being so wonderful and taking such great care of him.  I am thankful that he found them as his final place to land.  Baxter has a long road of recovery ahead of him – right now he can only eat every few hours and is still on lots of medication – but he is in the best hands possible. I will surely keep you updated on him!

Just Another Political Ad

Raise your hand if you’re SO HAPPY that election day is over and we can stop listening, watching and reading political advertisements? I know I sure am.  No matter who you wanted to win, the fact of the matter now is that it’s over and we can move on with our lives instead of being continuously bombarded with political banter all day on social media.

I appreciate my friends’ efforts when they share their beliefs about what is right (so, basically who they think I should vote for). But I found that more often than not, their comments just came off as accusatory or derogatory in a, “It’s only obvious that you should vote for ________ because of X, Y and Z,” sort of way.

I started to realize that all the opinionated, obnoxious political blabbering had some similarities to the messages that rescue organizations or advocates sometimes send out. Animal welfare advocates can at times be pushy, pointing fingers, or just plain mean. All because one person believes they’re much more correct than another person/group. Sound familiar? Presidential election, anyone?

Now I can admit fault for this as well.  Specifically when it comes to social media, I try to tone down how much I preach on the Peace, Love & Fostering page – but I sometimes get carried away on my own personal page (hey, ranting is what Facebook is for, right?). But overall, I’m a laid back, non-confrontational, why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along sort of person. Sure, I might not agree with you – but I’m very much the “catch ’em with honey, not vinegar” type. Which is why spiteful, accusing political ads bug me just as much as “my way is the best way” rescue groups.

On that note, I believe there is a major difference between educating on an issue versus just slamming the other side. You might be thinking right now, “Juliana, you can come off as opinionated and pushy in your beliefs right here on this blog.” First of all, sorry if I seem pushy. Second of all, yes, I have this public platform and I try to use it to spread ideas, but my intent is to do so in an educational way, not in a pushy or demanding way. I wouldn’t turn down someone trying to have a calm, intelligent discussion with me about something I write about. In fact, I welcome that because I truly believe you learn the most when you’re being open minded. Which is why I hate politics season so much. I haven’t once felt like someone was honestly just trying to educate me on either candidate, as opposed to just saying, “He’s wrong and he’s right” in so many words. The same goes for dogs and rescue work. If you disagree with something I believe or I’m doing, explain to me why you don’t like it or what a good alternative would be. Let’s have an honest conversation. Maybe we’ll both learn something.

I suppose the joke’s on me for spending a whole post ranting about politics, right? Well my point is just: try not to be a political ad, but maybe be more of a kind-hearted PSA.

Baxter in his finest USA gear. Thank you for all your well wishes on yesterday’s post. Baxter is steadily recovering, and by now should be home resting with his family. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

Find it!

After many months of medical procedures and recovery, Joanie is getting her spunk back as she continues to feel better every day.  While walks are great to tire her out, she can only handle so much physical activity – so she needs another outlet for her energy.  From the three days I’ve had her, I’ve found that Joanie really benefits from using her nose to exercise her brain and wear her out (like all dogs!).

The easiest and most fun way for us to do some informal nose work is playing “Find it!” in the backyard. Using string cheese, I throw little pieces all over the yard and send her sniffing after them. I try to put them in a pattern so that she can find her way to the next one (she’s got a good sniffer, but it’s not that good if the treat is too far away). Because she has to root through the grass a bit, it’s not a super easy find and usually takes some effort – which is great since I want her to work those brain muscles!

We even tried a few times where I was up on the deck and she was down in the yard. The string cheese is bright white so she can see sort of where I throw it, and the rest is up to her nose.  This also helps to get her down the stairs to the yard without me taking her down there. She’s not really needy, but she doesn’t particularly care to venture down on her own – which is sort of inconvenient when you’re a lazy FosterMom!

“Find it!” is a great game. Ten or fifteen minutes of this is equally as tiring as probably a thirty minute walk. The thing about physical exercise versus mental is that when we’re done with a walk, Joanie’s brain is still ready to go. She still wants to sniff and investigate everything. But after a walk and some nose work, she’s out for the count.

It’s been fun learning what helps Joanie relax around us and what she needs to keep her happy. Watching a dog settle down right before your eyes is really rewarding, especially when you’re not sure they’re going to get there initially (more about that later).  Joanie is just another perfect example of how enrichment can be helpful for any dog!

A House of Sickies

Well I am just SO BUSY playing doctor this week! FosterUncle has been taking up my couch working on getting better since the surr-gin dug into his foot last week, and I have been on 24/7 care duty with him.

Now FosterMama is ickies too! She immediately came home from work yesterday and went into her room and slept all evening, saying she had a mygrain (well if it’s my grain, why do you have it??). I knew just what to do since I’d been practicing with FosterUncle – I curled up next to Mama’s bed and kept her company all evening.  You would have never known that I had been sleeping all day while she was at work the way that I snoozed away the evening with her, being sure to not interrupt her precious nap time. I am such a good dog Doctor like that.

FosterMama feels bad she wasn’t able to take any new pictures of me doing cool things, so she wanted me to stick a bunch of old, random, unedited ones on here. She says she is sorry and that she’ll be back with fun photos tomorrow hopefully! I told her it was okay and that our blog friends would understand – and then I gave her face a bath with my tongue… that’s what sick people need, right??

Anyway, here are pictures of me being me. Below is also photo documentation of me being a wonderful snuggler-pillow-watchdog for Mama while she tries to feel better.

Now will someone please adopt me so I can stop sleeping with these ick people all day and start running around outside like I would prefer!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.