The Rain: It’s My Turn

Yesterday it rained. I don’t like the rain. I often stick up my nose to the rain and refuse to get my precious paws wet. It seems fostermama got a little tired of my drama, so she put me in this green suit. I instantly became a Kermit the Dog, much to my chagrin.

It is my understanding that this green thing fostermama has made me wear is quite the tradition in our foster family. My foster half-sister Zabora wore it, and so did my half-brother Baxter. I will admit, it did keep me dry – but I will not use that as an excuse for them to get away with making me look like a frog! I can’t believe even FosterG was in on it!

I guess I have to get used to this outfit since it’s likely there will be rain again before I move on to my forever home. At least I look cute, right?

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Braving the elements

I know I posted last week about the gross rainy weather we’ve been having, but I can’t help but now highlight the miserably cold temps we reached this weekend. I put a few pictures on our Facebook page of our indoor activities (aka snoozing), but, just like with the rain, we couldn’t entirely avoid going outside.

I’m not sure how A & A Friese do it up in Alaska, because down here as soon as it dips below 45 degrees, our tails tuck between our legs and we head straight for the Under Armour cold gear. I heard somewhere that dogs with short hair, like pit bull type dogs, need to have a jacket any time humans need a jacket because they’re just as sensitive to the cold. I think Baxter is EXTRA sensitive of the cold. So between him being a total weenie about it, and how much my mom & I enjoy spoiling him, Baxter has acquired quite the wardrobe.

For cooler but not freezing temps, he has his hoodies. As you may remember, he has one in blue…

… and he also has one in red.

For cool weather he also has a green & blue fleece sweatshirt. This one is adorable because it has a little pocket on the back, but it is definitely meant for a little dog. Even though it is an XL I had to cut the armpits because his chest is so broad and I didn’t want it giving him rubs.

Then of course you all remember the rain coat – for wet but not very cold weather. This actually does a great job of keeping him dry in the rain so that he stays warm upon our arrival back inside.

For the cold cold days, we got him a really great coat from Dover Saddlery. This coat covers his whole body – including his big booty – to ensure full cold protection. It velcros in the front and under the stomach for easy assembly. It was also a lot cheaper than the ones from Petsmart – only about $20!

While the Dover Saddlery one is great, it isn’t good for rain or snow so he has an elements-proof one that has a similarly easy velcro set up to the Dover blanket. It also comes with a bright reflective strip across the back so Baxter is visible on our walks – safety first!!! The only way we could get one big enough to cover his whole body, like my mom insists, was to buy an XXL and sew our own velcro higher up on the straps. Worked like a charm! With the fleece inside and weather proof outside, this is his coziest outfit yet.

So yes, I know we have entirely too many clothing options for Mr. Baxter. But with both my mother and me being the worrywart type, there was no way he was going to step foot outside in the arctic tundra that is MD right now without the proper clothing. My mother just wouldn’t allow it (and that is why I love her : -)). We ended up with a lot of them because we were trial & error-ing what worked and what didn’t, but then just kept them all anyway.

All of these coats are great, but when it gets ear-numbingly chilly, an alternative form of cold gear needs to be thought up. It seems Baxter found just the trick…

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It was a rainy, rainy day here in the DMV area today. It was the kind of cold rain that makes you want to curl up in bed and never get out from under the covers. Housing a younger pit bull type dog though, you often times can’t give in to that urge to be totally lazy on a rainy day. While you as the human thinks the idea of not moving all day is great, your bouncy canine counterpart might not agree.

Even though Bax is more than happy to sleep all day and wouldn’t protest staying in the house at all, I still feel bad if he is cooped up without getting an evening walk. I know he’ll sleep no matter what, but I’d rather give him a good reason to. So tonight, despite the rain, we put on our wet weather gear and went for our walk.

Now I know he looks rather unamused in these iPhone pictures, but don’t let that fool you.  He happens to have this really sneaky way of looking totally pathetic, even if he doesn’t mean it. He still trotted happily along for the whole walk. He threw in a few extra body shimmies but I think that was just for effect.

After about twenty minutes, we both came home a little soggy.

But Bax said it was okay and he still loved me even though I made him walk in the rain.

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