“But I Want a Specific Breed”

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Johnnie Cash programming to highlight the misconception that if you want a purebred or a specific breed then you can’t adopt.  Don’t worry, Johnnie will be back in full force on Monday morning!

This gorgeous boxer Gus came from South Carolina and is currently being fostered by my friend and amazing photographer Virgil Ocampo (who you might remember from this post featuring shelter animal glamour shots). Gus is the perfect example of the thousands of purebred or designer dogs waiting for forever homes, which is a shocking concept to some people. A lot of them come from the puppy mill problem – folks buy these adorable puppies on a whim and then realize what they actually signed up for and dump them at the shelter. It really leads to a win-win for someone who wants to save a life and also get the specific breed or type of dog they’re looking. It’s sad for the dogs because some are the products of puppy mills or irresponsible breeders, but they go through the shelter and rescue system and find better homes than ever – just like Gus will.

Gus tagged along to a project I was helping Virgil with, so we decided to wrap the night up with a few shots of us goofing around together. I can’t get over how handsome he is!  A huge thank you to Virgil who donates so much of his time, energy and talent to featuring adoptable animals in an amazing and unique light. I’m lucky to know and work with you!

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If you’re interested in getting a certain breed of dog, be sure to check out local breed-specific rescue groups in your area to consider adopting and saving a life!