Puppy Temptation

One of the best and worst things about working at an animal shelter? PUPPIES.

Sure, they’re cute and adorable and can spend time at your desk with you. . .

. . .BUT then you’re tempted to go against all of your better judgement and take them home with you as a foster. Everyone knows though that puppies are fun to play with and snuggle until you bring them home and they destroy your house and keep you up all night. Which is why I have to avoid this face at all costs:

No puppies this time around, even though I was this close l——–l to leaving work that day with her in tow. Luckily MooMoo, as we fondly named her, was scooped up by local rescue Bully Paws and will probably find a home in no time!

Happy Friday!

Former “Foster” Recap: Dixie

Many of you started following Peace, Love, and Fostering during Baxter’s story, so I’m going to take a few entries to introduce you to the dogs I had before Bax. Today’s will give you a thorough puppy fix far from the pitties we’re used to. Enjoy!

Dixie came into the shelter with three siblings at about eight weeks old. She is a bichon/poodle mix, and 100% adorable. I don’t remember why she was given up, but we were thankful that her and her brothers and sisters ended up at the shelter and not sold to just anyone for the absurd amount of money they could have gone for.

I met her in my first few weeks working at the shelter, so I hadn’t yet found my deep passion for pit bull type dogs and I wasn’t fostering. Dixie still wasn’t my type – I’ve never really been a fan of “little fluffy dogs” – but I immediately fell in love. I was under the influence of puppy. My coworker was fostering her, so I got to spend 8 hours a day hanging out with her at my desk – literally. When I got the chance to puppysit her for a few days, I jumped at the chance.

In those three days, Dixie came everywhere with me. It happened to coincide with dogsitting Mandy, so the three of us adventured together all over the place. Which was actually a good thing, considering she was a ten week old puppy at that point and needed to go out a lot and would whine when left alone. Pretty sure she didn’t leave my side for the entire 72 hours she was with me (note to self – don’t ever do that with your own puppy or forever commit to dealing with separation anxiety!).

She even met my (then) resident dog Barley, and actually got along with him which was rare for his old cranky self. Too cute, right?

Dixie was a pretty well behaved puppy, but she was definitely labor intensive. She was fun to have for a few days… but then it was nice to give her back : -)

She was adopted by her fostergrandparents, and is now named Zoey. She lives out on a lot of land with her new best friend.

It was a great experience and a happy ending, but I think I’m definitely going to stick to my block headed, slobbery tongued, adult dogs!