Puppies on Puppies on Puppies

This post is a little bit a reminder that 1. it’s baby season and 2. you absolutely CAN find puppies at shelters (meaning you don’t have to buy). But mostly I just wanted to share with you the rather unfortunate cuteness that took over work last week. I say unfortunate because I hate that there are so many puppies coming through our doors with no home! But regardless, here are some squishy faces for your Monday.

puppies02 puppies03 puppies04 puppies05 puppies07 puppies06

I’m actually going to be seeing lots of puppies from now on thanks to an exciting new opportunity (no, that does not include fostering… for now) – but more on that later!

Puppy Monday!

Here are a few pictures to give you a Monday morning pick-me-up.

These puppies are spoken for, but they’re still representatives for all the puppies in shelters and rescues awaiting forever homes. The myth that you have to buy a dog in order to get it during puppyhood could not be more false!

I’ll talk this week about some of these puppies and where we got to play with them. In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed that brief dose of excessive cuteness as much as I did.