How to Co-Blog, Otie Style

Otie is really helpful when it comes to our evening blogging sessions.

Okay, that was a joke. Honey Bunches will wiggle his way riiiiight next to me on the couch while I’m posted up blogging, then proceed to start snoring. Loudly. Now I am not someone who is good at writing with distractions – and this guy is a BIG distraction. Luckily I can never get upset about it because he gets so darn comfy and cute all snuggled up there on the couch. Also because then he makes faces like this:

Right? Try keeping a straight face to THAT grin!

Have a great weekend!

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How to Spend a Springtime Weekend

We were blessed with an amazingly gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend, and Otis is the perfect dog to share it with.

We went on road trips.

We played outside.

We worked on our tans.

Then we resigned ourselves to the couch to recover from all the Vitamin D and adventuring.

See? Perfect.

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My Life in the Backyard

Sorry to be back two days in a row, but fostermama says she is too bizzee planning some big event for work so I have to take over for a bit. Hope ya don’t mind.

I’m here today to tell you about my life in the backyard. You see, I LOVE it. My backyard means so many things: a warm spring afternoon, playing ball, lounging in the grass, romping around, and hanging out with my humans – to name a few.

In case you wanted to know, I make the perfect hangin in the backyard dog. I love playing and running, but I also love chillin out. You know, like this:

Now, since we’re on the subject – I’d like to point out that I would be the perfect dog for someone who likes to be outside. Yard work buddy? Someone to play ball with? Relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun together? It just so happens I’ve perfected my skills at all of those.

So let me join you in your outside, backyard world?

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How I Spent My LUV Day

I woke up yesterday feeling sorta funny… sorta like the day was gonna be a day full of extra kisses and hugs – something fostermama referred to as Valadine’s Day. Not sure why I felt this way, but it had me acting all silly for fostermama when she was trying to get ready for work in the morning. It was 7 am but I was wiggling all over the place. I think I am what they call crazy in love. What I’m in love with? I’m not sure of that either. But I know it was fun being goofy and making Fostermama laugh!

I tried really, really, really hard to convince her not to go to work so we could spend the whole day doing nothing! I put on my cutest, silliest antics to try and distract her.

She said it worked a little, and since it was Valadine’s Day she would stop and hang out with me for a bit before work. I was cool with that.

After a quick kiss on the face she told me we had to go to work now, so I put on my Valadine’s Day outfit and got my big licker ready. Bring onnn the lovin!

Work was great, as usual. I hung out with one of my Valadine’s named Dolce. She is one of those looks-smells-acts-like-a-dog-but-can’t-be-a-dog dogs. But she was wearing a pink sweater so I thought she looked pretty cayoot, especially when she had me as paw candy.

Then last night fostermama left me for this thing called a date, but I was sooo happy because it meant I got to hang out with fostergrandma! Fostergrandma is my favorite. She loves on me and makes sure I am always warm and have a full belly. We hung out watching American Idol together.

It was the best day! I hope you all had a great day smoochin on your animals for Valadine’s Day.

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Snow day: friend or foe?

Another first with Baxter: a snow day!

Would any of you be surprised if I told you Baxter wasn’t exactly a fan of the snow?

He was (as expected) pretty funny exploring this new white powdery stuff that – he was rather frustrated to report – was nothing yummy and pretty darn cold. He also raised protest when he realized access to the backyard was restricted thanks to a long set of snowy stairs. Crap.

Bax knows that fostermom won’t let him back in the house until he does his business, so he bravely made his way down the wintry steps.

And then he decided that for one quick minute he liked the snow, and he did a zoomie.

But that was merely a brief moment of confusion on Baxter’s part, and he quickly remembered he didn’t like the snow and that he wanted to be inside the toasty house.

He was much happier to come inside and do what he does best while the humans snuggled on the couch with hot chocolate. It ended up being the perfect snow day.

Don’t you want someone like Baxter to spend your snow days with?

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Waggy Wednesday, Baxter style

Baxter brightens my day, every day. He brightens the day of a lot of other people, too – my parents, my coworkers, strangers on the street. He is one silly pooch, with a very big smile and very waggy tail. See for yourself in this little video. Disclaimer: we were just playing around after work, not having a serious training session so he wasn’t exactly the most focused : -)

Now all he needs is a furever home to wag and smile at every morning for the rest of his life! Can he be your sunshine, your only sunshine? He’ll make you happy when skies are gray!

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