Two Peas in a Pit Bull Pod

Everyone, meet Bella.

Bella is an adorable and spunky pocket pit with the personality and energy level comparable to that of the energizer bunny on happy pills. She is an absolute doll, and loves everyone she comes in contact with. Bella was adopted through Bully Paws rescue (yay!). She lives up the street a few houses, and as soon as I learned Baxter was dog friendly I knew we needed to plan a play date. I had no idea what a pair these two would make.

They investigate sniffs together.

They play a LOT of chase. Sometimes Bax is in front…

… but usually it’s Bella in the lead.

Bella gives Baxter kisses.

Or she uses him as a stepping stool…

They share drinks, and even hold paws while doing so.

But most of all, they’re really stinkin cute together.

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