Pawsitively In Love

Okay, I’ll admit this one – just like I admitted how much I love Baxter’s butt: I have a thing for Baxter’s paws. Not only are they attached to the end of long muscular legs, but something about them that makes you want to continually give him high fives.

There are a lot of “puppy” things about Baxter – his big brown eyes, his usual occasional lack of common sense, his inability to be spatially aware. I often get the, “Wowhe is two years old!?” response when I correct age estimates for him. One major thing that Baxter has seemingly kept from his puppy hood are his big, oafy paws. It appears he simply never grew into them.

His little paw digits spread out for many occasions, my favorite of which being when he stretches in his sleep. They expose the skin between his toes, giving the illusion of webbed feet. Baxter the duck? And the way he bats them around now that he knows the “paw” command has become one of his most adorable antics.

I love a lot of things about Baxter, but his appendages have really moved up there on my list – now competing with his goblin ear and his white skunk-impersonating chest.