“I’m Not Begging”

Want to know what a “hungry” Baxter looks like? I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about… the dog that tries so hard to convince you they absolutely have not had meals in DAYS (despite the fact that they recently had a midday snack). Baxter’s techniques come in many forms.

One is the hover craft – never being far from the dog food dinner being made.

One is the sniper – eying the source from afar.

And then of course, one is the Decepticon – spinning webs of “I’m starving” lies using the look.

These techniques are often stronger than the human powers of resistance. Unlike begging, it is found that these alternative methods of convincing are not only extremely effective in achieving his dinner goals, but they are said to be nearly foolproof when weakening the Food Master’s willpower. How can you resist the silent little mouse that is merely watching you politely as you fix his dinner? Yeah, that’s right…¬† you can’t : -)

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