Being the Change: Jasmine’s House Inc.

Rescue groups are similar to the dogs we help: there are so many of them, all amazing in their own way – but there is always one that stands out to you; one that you connect with. For me, Jasmine’s House was this group. Their mission is so deeply rooted in a passion for saving pit bull type dogs that with every single dog they take in, they help make the world a better place. They have so much knowledge and understanding of what dogs need to heal, and time after time they give dogs a chance who may not have had one otherwise.  But their impact goes deeper than that still.

Jasmine’s House is spreading their mission to the public by engaging strangers in thought: what change do you wish to see in the world? It’s a tough question to ask yourself, and an even tougher question to find the answer to. You’ll discover, though, that when you and many others start to think about it, an unimaginable amount of diverse and brilliant ideas come up. Jasmine’s House is really on to something with this, sparking inspiration and motivation every time they pose the question. See for yourself:

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Because honestly, what change do we imagine for this world? Everyone has a different answer to this, and of course none of them are more correct than the others. It’s just a question people should ask themselves once in a while to at the very least reignite passion for a cause. After all, “Nothing great in the world has ever happened without passion” (-Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel).

Remembering why we do what we do can help during those times we feel burnt out or we question our efforts. It can help when trying to convince others of the change that’s needed. It helps to focus our intent and better our efforts. So thank you, Jasmine’s House, for making me step back and ask myself, “If I could have this world any way I want, what would it be?” There are so many answers that come to mind that it’s impossible to choose just one. But for now:

What type of world do you imagine?

Read more about Jasmine’s House and the work they do on their website, and see more brilliant “I Imagine” pictures on their Facebook page.

Words That Make a Heart Sing

The other day I loaded my email to find a message from an address I didn’t know (always a pleasant surprise for my PeaceLoveFoster account!). I opened it up and began reading what ended up being one of the most touching stories I have experienced since I started fostering. D is a recent follower, and this is what she had to say:

Good Saturday morning.  As with a lot of people, I “ran into” your blog via “Love and a Six Foot Leash”, and having adopted my two cats from MCHS, automatically made it a “Favorite” page.  I also have a wonderful, awesome, phenomenal, etc., etc., dog named Daisy that I adopted from Mutts Matter Rescue.  They pulled her from a Kill Shelter in GA literally on her last day.  I am still amazed that anyone would “discard” this gorgeous, brilliant dog.  We recently celebrated her 3rd birthday :)

My main reason for writing is Baxter – funny story.  Many months ago, I made a donation to Jasmine’s House and they sent me a post card thank you with a photo of a dog named Baxter.  He had some sort of mange or something on his face, but such a cutie.  I stuck the postcard on my fridge, so I would think of him everyday.

Recently, a dog that I was sponsoring at Villalobos Rescue (Nate) passed away.  After a few days, I thought about sponsoring Baxter.  I went on Jasmine’s House website, but the sponsor page was still “under construction”.  I thought maybe I would send Catalina a message, but just got too busy.  Now, in the meantime, I was reading your blog – and I even thought at one point b/c of the name, “could this posibly be that Baxter?”, but no, this is an MCHS pup and he looks different. 

Finally, yesterday, I had some down time at work.  After reading your daily blog about begging (so cute), I had a chance to look back at Baxter’s beginning (light bulb moment)… The video made me cry and laugh at the same time.  Baxter looks soooo happy now :)

Thank you for taking care of this handsome boy!”

I’ve read this email many times, and I will continue to read it any time I need some motivation, encouragement, or celebration. How incredible is it that Baxter was special enough to make such an impression on D that she remembered him for months after she received the card? Then she was reconnected to him by a somewhat coincidental encounter, and was so moved by the “new” Baxter that she took time to email me. I was absolutely floored by not only her story, but by her kind words – an unexpected and enormously appreciated gesture I’ve experienced from many as I blog about our Baxter.

Yes, I say our Baxter.  It is as evident as ever that this little black dog has touched worlds beyond what I often guess. Followers know him from MCHS or Jasmine’s House or his life with me – so many different avenues have brought people together on this very day, reading this very post, about this very dog that they have never met, yet care so much about. Folks have sent him care packages and cards and special notes, all because of the way his story has touched them through a computer screen. I think I speak on behalf of many other bloggers when I say that giving these dogs a voice to tell their story – and then also getting feedback on it – is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.