Secret Santa Revealed!

I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly, but the big reveal for the Pittie Posse Secret Santa is finally here! A reminder that the participants included Our Waldo Bungie, Love and a Six-Foot Leash, Two Grad Students and a Pittie, Pittieful Love, Kate With A Camera, Two Pitties in the City, A Heartbeat at My Feet, That Touch of Pit and Two Kitties One Pittie.

I actually had a big overachiever as my Secret Santa, and my present arrived before I had even sent mine out!  I was thrilled when I received a package in the mail with Kate With a Camera in the return address. Yep, that’s right – Kate With a Camera was my Secret Santa! I know how fabulous her taste in dogs, photography and blogging is, so I knew I was in for a treat with her gift – and I was right.


Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!? I am totally in love with it. It perfectly sums up how I feel about every single dog ever all the dogs I end up fostering.  I knew the absolute perfect place to put it: above my foster wall of all the dogs I’ve loved.


To add the perfect touch, Kate included this hilarious and oh-so-relevant (just wait until you see next week’s posts. . .) Holiday card:


I opened the card and immediately cracked up. This card is so spot on to my life and the life of my foster dogs! Thank you so much Kate for such a thoughtful Secret Santa gift! I absolutely love it!

Now to find out whose Secret Santa I was, head over to a blog about an adorable black pittie named Havi . . . (hint: Two Grad Students & a Pittie!).

Pittie Posse Secret Santa

Last year a group of bloggers started the Pittie Posse Secret Santa exchange where everyone received another blog to send a Holiday gift to. I enjoyed reading each blog’s entry that day and seeing who got each other what. This year I was honored to be invited into the exchange myself!


Otis and I have been working hard on our gift all week, and finally have it ready to send out to our designated blogger today! We’re so excited for them to get it, and really hope they like it. Check out which blogs are involved this year to see who we might be sending our package to:

Our Waldo Bungie

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Two Grad Students and a Pittie

Pittieful Love

Kate With A Camera

Two Pitties in the City

A Heartbeat at My Feet

That Touch of Pit

Two Kitties One Pittie

We’re all doing a big reveal on Friday, December 21st – so be sure to check back then! Happy Holidays everyone!

Three’s Company – a Holiday friendship

Thank you to everyone who made Kibbles for [FB] Comments a success – over 200 lbs of kibble were raised for the Montgomery County Humane Society. Thank you!!!

Along with the holiday season comes the return of friends and families to their hometowns. Often times people schlep their dogs along with them to visit relatives, and now that my friends are old enough to start having dogs of their own – it means a lot of fun!

My best friend since grade school graduated college and got a Siberian husky with her boyfriend when they moved in together. Both are first time husky owners. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Luckily, it hasn’t ended poorly. Instead, my best friend now knows the ins and outs of dog training, experiences the stubborn personality of a husky on a daily basis, and has learned the hard way what it takes to add a member to your family. I know it hasn’t been the easiest journey for her, but they love Kenji and they are willing to put in all the work they need to to keep him a happy and well behaved dog. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous dog – the kind people buy because he’s pretty, without knowing how much work the breed takes. Luckily Kenji is on his way to being a fine young gentleman!

Needless to say I was excited when I heard Baxter and Kenji would get to meet. Being the protective fostermom that I am, though, I was pretty cautious about letting them have a full blown play date. Baxter and Bella do amazing together, but Bella is a female. I’d never seen Baxter play extensively with another male before. He’s had on-leash intros with plenty of dogs that have gone fine, but I know that a high energy, high intensity play atmosphere is much different for dogs.

With a slow intro through a fence and then from afar and then with brief sniffs, we slowly introduced the boys. They did great, so we finally let them off the leash. And they kept doing great! To keep it safe, we broke it up every few minutes to assure that everyone’s intensity levels stayed appropriate. They played for over an hour; running, tumbling, wrestling, rolling, gnawing, and bouncing. Baxter and Kenji play a little rougher than Bella & Bax do, and I think Bax really enjoyed having another male to get tough with. I have to admit I was pretty thrilled to see that Baxter plays just as well with males as he does with females.

They really tired each other out. Bax was about ready to call it a night when…

Bella showed up! And boy, did they all have a blast together. Adding Bella to the mix just meant everyone had more fun, as you can see. Aren’t they all adorable together?

So between this grand play date and our adventure to Petsmart today, Baxter is snoring extra loud right now. The holidays are so exhausting, right? Maybe for different reasons if you are a dog… :-)

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

Kibble for [FB] Comments SUCCESS!

Hello friends! It’s Bax the Christmas Elf here.

I am excited to announce that last night we reached 200 lbs of kibble through Facebook comments!!! I am just wiggling with happiness over this! Fostermom says I have all of YOU to thank for this success, so thank you thank you thank you! Do you know how happy my compadres at the Montgomery County Humane Society will be when they get all this yummy kibble? Seriously, you guys are the best. I’m going to do my happy dance for you now.

I am thrilled to be able to deliver the 200 lbs of kibble to MCHS with my fostermom on December 22 at the “Holiday for the Dogs” celebration. I will report back to you about how it goes. Thanks again & Happy Howlidays!

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

Now What?

As soon as things slow down it’s like an instant, full-blown reminder of the dog that is missing in my life. This time the feeling first manifested itself as a serious longing to have Zabora back. I was missing her tail wags, cuddling, and genuine pitty smile. It seems I need to find another furry soul to take in, nurture and love, then pass off to a deserving family.

It’s tough though, after a long dog hiatus, to make the decision to jump back in. It’s not easy to re-adjust your life to accommodate another living creature again. No one can deny that a dog-less life means more freedom and less responsibility. You stop worrying about your pooch at home and you are free to do what you want when you want. When it comes time to change that again, it really is hard! I have friends that live in another city that I like to spend weekends with, I visit my boyfriend when I can, sometimes I have to work late… all of these things will need to be adjusted if I want to bring home another foster. I’m okay with it because it’s always worth it, it can just be a harsh realization – a realization that many people don’t understand when they get a pet, which is one reason for the abundance of homeless animals.

So now it’s time to make the decision: do I bring home another foster? Aleksandra is officially gone to the other side of the country (heartbreak of the century), so this one will be completely mine: no swapping when I need a free weekend, no constant marketing on a multi-thousand hit blog. It’s a huge responsibility to get a dog adopted, and that is a reality you have to face when you sign up to foster. Am I willing to make the commitment, especially with the holidays looming so close?

I started this blog so I could share my journey – both the positive, inspiring parts of fostering, as well as the difficult parts. So stay tuned as I decide where to go from here.

Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the horrific iPhone photo quality. Get excited for more pictures from Friday’s Howl-o-ween party.