How to Spend a Springtime Weekend

We were blessed with an amazingly gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend, and Otis is the perfect dog to share it with.

We went on road trips.

We played outside.

We worked on our tans.

Then we resigned ourselves to the couch to recover from all the Vitamin D and adventuring.

See? Perfect.

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My Life in the Backyard

Sorry to be back two days in a row, but fostermama says she is too bizzee planning some big event for work so I have to take over for a bit. Hope ya don’t mind.

I’m here today to tell you about my life in the backyard. You see, I LOVE it. My backyard means so many things: a warm spring afternoon, playing ball, lounging in the grass, romping around, and hanging out with my humans – to name a few.

In case you wanted to know, I make the perfect hangin in the backyard dog. I love playing and running, but I also love chillin out. You know, like this:

Now, since we’re on the subject – I’d like to point out that I would be the perfect dog for someone who likes to be outside. Yard work buddy? Someone to play ball with? Relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun together? It just so happens I’ve perfected my skills at all of those.

So let me join you in your outside, backyard world?

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The Many Faces of Bax

Baxter’s expressions say a lot about him.

There is the sweet face that melts your heart.

Then the sad face.

The goofy face (one of my faves).

The serious face.

And the happy-to-see-you face, which – since it is Wednesday morning- is one I got to experience this morning when I picked Baxter up from boarding!!!

I love all of Baxter’s looks. His forever home is going to have a great time learning about all these and more. Experiencing a dog’s full personality is one of the most rewarding things I can think of! Don’t you want to get to know Mr. Bax, and all of his faces?

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Video Wednesday: Living With a Happy Baxter

One of the things about Baxter that people remember most from his arrival to the shelter is that despite the horrible condition he was in, he would still wag his tail. To this day that is one of his defining characteristics. Baxter wags his tail at the slightest feeling of excitement: meeting a new person, seeing a dog, and pretty much any time he is in the kitchen (chubbster!). Even when he is sleeping on his bed, if he likes something he hears or sees, “thump thump thump” goes his tail. It’s a sound I’ve fallen totally in love with.

Here is a video of Baxter just being Baxter. One of the biggest joys of living with Baxter is the enthusiasm and positivity he brings to us at all times. At about :14 you can even catch a glimpse of his signature smile.

If you adopt Baxter, you could be the lucky person to greet this happy dog in the mornings, take this happy dog out for walks, and bring this happy dog with you on new adventures.

Won’t you give Baxter even more reason to be happy by giving him a forever home?

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