I was rooting around in mama’s stuff the other day, like I do sometimes when looking for good sniffs, and I came across this pretty red thing that looked all official. I sniffed it thoroughly to investigate, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I immediately had to ask fostermama what it the heck was.

Mama told me it was a funny coincidence that I found it now. She told me that it was just about this time one year ago that she was wearing this red thing. It was called a gradumation stole. Concerned, I asked if someone stole it from gradumation? She laughed and told me I was silly (she does that a lot) and proceeded to tell me about it. She said that people wear it when they gradumate from college, like this:

Then she got really sentimental and no-stall-jic. That sounded all sorts of crazy to me, but probably because I’m just a dog. I asked mama if I could wear it.¬† When I tried to put it on, she called me the silly word again.

After she was done laughing at me, fostermama told me that someone else was wearing that red shiny thing this weekend! Who could it be, I wondered?! Then I remembered how fosterdad talks about this thing called “school” a lot still, and was wondering if that had anything to do with it. Mama confirmed my genius guess when she told me that fosterdad was in deed gradumating this weekend!

Since I won’t be able to attend the ceremony (for some crazy rule about dogs not being allowed!?) I wanted to congratulate fosterdad on his gradumation, because me and him are buds.

Happy Gradumation, Fosterdad! I have big congratulations kisses waiting for you!

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