A Tribute to a Spunky, Wonderful Woman

Thanks for bearing with me as I use this space to gush about the amazing people and pets in my life. While I don’t enjoy writing posts about loved ones who have left us, it is nice to have this platform as another way to remember them. Plus, after I post these entries, your positivity always brightens my day. So thank you for understanding when and why I put these posts up. I appreciate it and I know my family does too.

My Grandma passed away this week. She was a really awesome woman. I’m mentioning her on here (I have had a few family members pass away since this blog was created, but I haven’t necessarily dedicated a whole post to them) because she was one of my biggest cheerleaders for this blog. She loved reading my posts every day, and would often email me about them. She also enjoyed sending me newspaper clippings, and after I started the blog the clippings went from being about horses to being about animal rescue. She loved what I was doing and made it clear how proud she was of me – and I so appreciated that. Do you remember the note Otis wrote to her in January? That talks a bit more about our relationship and her love for my fosters.

It seems I was merely following in her footsteps, though. As someone who believed in sticking up for causes she was passionate about, my Grandma was quite a feisty lady. When her assisted living community began making the staff cover up their tattoos, Grandma, at the age of 78, went out and got one herself just to make a statement. How cool is that? If I had guts like her I probably would have gotten myself into a bit of trouble by now :-).

She lived in Oregon so this blog was often the way we stayed in touch in between phone calls and emails – and for that I am extremely grateful.  I will certainly miss her humor and wit, but I know she will be following this blog in spirit. Love you, Grandma!


Bye Bye Joanie!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Joanie as she returned back to her other foster home. What a week it’s been! It was such a roller coaster of emotions: the first two days were crazy as everyone adjusted to a new situation, then we spent time coexisting, then I fell trulymadlydeeply in love, then I experienced feelings of both relief and “Wait! Don’t go!” as we prepared to send her back home.

The good news for you all is that Joanie’s foster mom also has a blog! You can keep up with Joanie’s journey at Waiting Between Trains. Thank goodness for that, right!? Heather’s got big plans for Joanie – including trips into town, CGC class, and an awesome Halloween costume – and I’m sure we’ll get to hear all about it.

Thanks for an awesome week, J!  We’ll miss ya like crazy!

Now someone please scoop up this amazing dog!

For more information about adopting Joanie, email me at peacelovefoster@gmail.com or fill out an application on the Jasmine’s House website.

When a Family Says Goodbye

As Bloggers, we make the decision to share ourselves with those on the other end of the computer screen. For some, this means sharing things about our lives and who we are. For others, it is just about our involvement with certain topics. But in this specific blogging and social networking community, we usually share most about our dogs.

To many people, blogging is “putting your life out there for anyone and everyone to see” – a scary thought. For most of us though, it is a chance to build new relationships and bonds with people we probably would never have met otherwise (in person or online). I can’t even count how many friendships I’ve made through this blogging and Facebook community of people who stand for the same things I do. Furthermore, I can’t even begin to put into words how special they all are to me.

With these friendships comes support and advice for your challenges, motivation for your struggles, and excitement for your victories – all from people who mostly only know you through the words you write online. We get so close to each other as we go through journeys together that we feel more connected than just as “fans” on Facebook, or blog followers. I feel like I personally know the people who are in this social media circle, as well as their dogs.

So when someone in this blog family suffers a loss, we all hurt. We all watch as a dog we’ve grown to love through pictures and stories gets taken away from their family. We feel heartbroken because the loving people who have shared their dog and their lives with us hold a place in our hearts as cherished friends – even without ever meeting them in person.

Blogging friends over at Pittieful Love suddenly lost their dog Knox this weekend to a rare blood parasite. Knox was the quintessential happy-go-lucky pit bull type dog, with a big goofy smile and a blocky black and white head. Stories about the way he interacted with his foster siblings always made me smile, and the pictures were so “aww” worthy. It was easy to feel a connection with him because he was so similar to all the pitties we love in our own lives. Knox was also a blood donor, and of course a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

Knox - Picture from Pittieful Love.

So it’s easy to see why Knox’s passing has shaken the whole blogging community. If you’d like to head over to Pittieful Love’s Facebook page to learn more about Knox’s story and leave a note, I think it would mean a lot to Knox’s parents. If there is any positive in this situation, it’s you wonderful people who have come together to give words & thoughts of comfort to this family in a time of need. Thank you.