Canoeing Conundrum? Canoeing Champion!

You probably guessed from our teaser yesterday that the exciting water sport little J Cash conquered was canoeing! We couldn’t resist the opportunity since our cabin came with a canoe and Johnnie seemed to be pretty much up for anything so far during the trip.

Not surprisingly, she was wary of the boat. Also not surprisingly, we turned to food to help change her mind about it. Nothing a little string cheese couldn’t fix, or so we thought.

canoe1 canoe2 canoe3

While she would thoroughly investigate from the perimeter, we couldn’t get Johnnie to actually get IN the boat. We wanted her to get in on her own accord and then we’d carry the boat – with her in it – down to the water. Much less stressful than the alternative, which would have been basically just throwing her in there and saying “off we go!” whether she liked it or not. When she still wouldn’t budge with the string cheese bait, we went to the next option. Foster dad to the rescue!

canoe4 canoe5 canoe6

Andddd we had victory! The next step was to actually get the boat IN the water with Johnnie also in it. She actually hopped out during this process, but because she’d already been in the canoe she was more willing to get in again when it was in the water. Here she is. . . in the boat during lift off!

canoe7 canoe8

Once I handed over her lead to foster dad, she settled in . . . sort of.



She decided that being in the boat was a little too scary and found the safest spot!

canoe12 canoe14 canoe13

From the safety of foster dad’s lap, Johnnie finally did settle in a little better. She was eventually able to just sit back and navigate the boat while foster dad did the paddling. Look at this pair of seemingly seasoned canoers!

canoe1501I know, I was totally freaking out when I was snapping these shots because of how adorable they were together. It was soon after this that Johnnie decided she’d had enough and attempted to hop out into the 10″ of water, so I helped catch the boat and bring them back to land. She was definitely happy to have her paws back on solid ground, but I’d guess she’d be up for the adventure again!

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