Prayers for Baxter

It seems our favorite little monkey has gotten himself into some tummy trouble for the third time. On Sunday morning Baxter went to the emergency vet and was rushed into surgery to fix an intestinal blockage. As many of you know, this is an unfortunately familiar situation for Mr. Baxter.

When I first brought Baxter home to foster – actually just about one year ago today – I was warned that he was a foreign object eater. While unsupervised at the rescue farm, he had gotten access to a leash and consumed it. He went through surgery to remove it, but while recovering at the vet’s office he ate part of a towel that he pulled into his cage, and he had to go under a second time to have it removed. He healed up from both surgeries, but has severe scarring on his intestines.

At my house we were diligent about picking up anything he could eat or leaving him in his crate if we weren’t home. Even then he still managed to find a leash, pull it off our kitchen table, and eat half of it in the five minutes we weren’t watching him. Luckily he passed that one though. We’ve never been able to figure out what causes his urge to eat these things. Our best guess was anxiety, which made sense because for the last eight months he’s been completely fine in his new home since he is always with his siblings. Until now.

His family rushed him to the vet Sunday morning after he was lethargic and couldn’t go to the bathroom. X-rays were inconclusive, so they decided on exploratory surgery and their worst fears were confirmed: they found a towel wrapped around his intestines, beginning to cut into them. It seems they caught it in the nick of time. The vet made it clear that while Baxter made it out of surgery okay, he is not out of the woods yet. Because this was the third time his intestines have had to endure this, there is severe damage and we’re not sure how he’ll heal up. They gave him the prognosis of a 75% chance of full recovery.

For now, we’re all just waiting and sending lots and lots of good vibes to his parents, who are worried sick. He hasn’t been released from the hospital yet, so every day is a waiting game to hear reports from the vet. Please keep Baxter and his family in your thoughts and prayers! He has been through so much and I’m sure he will bounce back from this too, but he needs all the positive thoughts he can get right now.

Never a dull moment.

My intent for these next few posts was to introduce you to Zabora, tell you a little more about her back story, and show you how well she fits in to a family. I’m tweaking that a little, though, thanks to my first experience with a foster emergency. Nothing like jumping straight in, right?

Usually when I am fostering or dog-sitting a dog they come to work with me. Zabora had to wait to become “the office mascot” for a few days while she recovered from her spay. Five days post surgery I finally bought Zabora to work. She happily slept at my feet all morning with intermittent bursts of “nesting” with the towels I brought her. She seemed content. After visiting with some humans and giving tail wags galore, out of no where Miss Z started bleeding extensively from her suture site. Sure that it was a busted spay stitch, I rushed her to the vet. Shoot. There goes another few days of recover and definitely lots more dollars.

Turns out Zabora actually didn’t bust her stitches (phew). But what she did have was a ruptured blood clot. A big one. A combination of factors caused the extreme bloodiness. She was in heat for the spay and, because she was bred so many times, she had excessive mammary tissue and vasculature at the incision area.   Poor Zabora, as usual, had everything working against her. The rupture was inevitable as she healed. She now has a drainage tube and lots of bandages, and the worst part is she is stuck at the vet for the next two days. I’m so relieved she is fixed, but it feels so weird without her at home!

There is an interesting twist to this story. Remember that incredible volunteer I told you about who facilitated the entire rescue of this little girl? Well, she also happens to be the author of a very impactful blog, as well as a high-profile member of the online community of pitty/elderbull/rescue advocates. Lucky for our girl, this wonderful volunteer used her resources in the social media community to launch a fundraiser for Zabora. The results? Mind blowing. People are giving like this elderbull is one of their own. I am going to dedicate an entire post on the remarkable generosity of these individuals, but for now let’s just say… Zabora’s expenses are well taken care of.

Now we just need her to have a speedy recovery so she can come back to where she belongs: in a safe home where people love her.  The faster she gets back on her feet, the faster we can start (continue) telling the world about how great she is, the sooner she can find her forever home. I know there is the perfect family out there, I just hope we don’t meet too many more speed bumps on the road to finding them.

Hope you’re feeling okay, pup. See you tomorrow!