Kibble for Comments…. DELIVERY!

Hi everyone, it’s me, Bax! So fostermama tells me the howl-iday vacation is over and you’re all back to work. Not so fun, right? I can only imagine. Sometimes instead of sleeping all day I have to go with mom in the car to run errands or do zoomies around the yard or chew on bully sticks in between meals, and I’m like, “goodness what is with all of this work?!” Oh… what do you mean you don’t think that’s work? Uh, hmm…. okay well then I guess you all have it a little worse than me!

Since I bet the first day back after vacation is about the equivalent of staring at an empty bowl of kibble, I figured I’d share with you guys something that will make you smile: how I picked out and then delivered the kibble from our drive!!! Thank you all soooo much for helping us raise the kibble. I’m especially happy because it meant I got to go on a trip to Petsmart help my buddies at the Montgomery County Humane Society.

I made sure we picked out the perfect kind of kibble. I sniffed all over the store to certify with my super duper sniffer that what we picked out was the yummiest stuff in the store. I didn’t miss a single spot to look, in case those Petsmartians hid the good stuff where only super duper sniffers could find it.

I finally decided which kind I wanted to get for all my friends.

I told the Petsmartian which specific bags I wanted, then supervised the loading.

After inspecting our booty from all angles….

… I decided we were good to go, did a happy dance, and said, “Let’s go deliver this kibble!!!”

So we did. 210 pounds of it, to be exact.

I “helped” a lot with this part, too.

Then the kibble was whisked away to the place where they keep the food that fills the bowls of all the doggies awaiting forever homes. Yippee! How cool is that! I really want to thank each and every one of you who helped make this happen and allowed me to play Santa for all the adoptable dogs at MCHS.

(I know it’s not even December anymore…. but I’m still cute in my Santa hat, right!?)

So I hope you are feeling all the same warm & fuzzies that I felt when I got the opportunity to do this. Together you & I might not be able to change the whole world, but for a few dogs at MCHS we just changed their world : -)

Paws up to having a great 2012! Thanks you all!

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Baxter’s Holiday Wish – Introducing Kibble for FB Comments!

Hello everyone! It’s me, CK Bax! I know I haven’t been around very much because I’ve been acquainting myself with all the best sleep spots in the house, but I’m here because I have something special to share.

With it being the holidays and all, fostermom has been taking me with her to do some pretty neat stuff. Saturday night we stood outside in the freezing cold (but I wasn’t cold, I had two coats on!) to sell baked goods to people and raise money for something she called Relay For Life! Fostermom says the fight against cancer is her other favorite cause besides rescuing little munchkins like me, and that we were doing something good. Then I went and visited someone who was feeling a little blue. I gave them kisses and helped brighten their day! Fostermom says that was something good too.

Another thing I did this weekend was visit with Santa (read on to check out how adorable I was in my pic). Because of all this good stuff I’ve been up to with fostermom, I told Santa that what I wanted for Christmas was to help my doggy friends at the Montgomery County Humane Society who are not lucky enough to be in foster homes like me.  Santa and I had a nice chat about it. He said he knew a really nice lady once that donated a whole bunch of kibble to my buddies at the shelter with the help of her interweb friends. Santa mentioned that maybe I’d like to continue the tradition since that nice lady is doing different wonderful things this holiday season. I said that it involves food helping others so yes of course I would love to do it!

I pitched my idea to fostermom and she said I was a smart little pup (I didn’t tell her it was Santa’s idea). This year, we’re doing it through Facebook. Fostermama says for every person who “Likes” Peace, Love, & Fostering’s Facebook page* and then leaves a comment (say hi! say whatever you’d like!) between now and midnight on Dec 21, she will donate 1 lb of kibble to my doggy friends at the Montgomery County Humane Society!!

The reason we are wrapping it up in ten days by December 22 is because the volunteers at MCHS have deemed that day “Holiday for the Shelter Animals”. They will be there all day handing out donations from our holiday drives and making the animals feel extra special. I told fostermom, “Mom, what a perfect day to deliver this kibble to all my friends at the shelter!”

So stop by Facebook and say hi if you would like to help my friends at MCHS! Share with your friends if you’d like. I appreciate you all going out of your way to help me help my doggy buddies! And fostermom says thank you to Love & a Six-foot Leash for passing the torch to us to continue your great idea : -)

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*Up to 200 lbs of kibble. Multiple comments from the same contributor will only be counted once. If you already “Like” the page, just leave a comment and you will still be counted!