Weekend With a Dog

After an amazing week at Animal Farm Foundation (much more about that later), I was ready to walk into the shelter and bring home all the adoptable pitties. I knew I couldn’t do that, but I got a nice compromise when I agreed to dog sit for the weekend! Mandy is a family friend’s beagle/sheltie pup that they adopted about nine years ago. I first introduced her to the blog just around a year ago, and haven’t really gotten the chance to watch her since then because I’ve been so full with fosters. It was great to catch up with her and have some “girl time.”

At close to ten years old, Mandy is the kind of dog that I can bring anywhere.  She’s developed some anxiety in recent years, so she prefers to join you on the adventure, not stay at home. Since she’s compact and totally adorable, I did take her with me pretty much everywhere this weekend.  We went into the city to watch the (disappointing) Terps game with friends, and then she even joined us for lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed some down time doing what she does best: cuddling up in front of the tv.

It was so refreshing having a dog again. I loved having a companion to do things with and I loved coming home to her excitement. But it was also a reminder of the work involved, the schedule changes, the time investment – it’s easy to forget those things once a foster dog leaves.  I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to foster again, so I’m glad I had Mandy to help me remember my priorities.  It sure was nice to have this scene back again though!

I’m anxious to foster again and I know I will when the time is right (and it’s likely the “right time” will be when FosterDad returns from his business trip at the end of September).  Dog sitting is a pretty good gig, especially when the dog is as well behaved, adorable, and snuggly as Mandy. Pretty sure I’m feeling the effects of pittie-tail&smile-withdrawl though!