Photographing Otis

… is not always easy!

All he ever wants is kisses! Want to know a little secret? If I post four photos in an entry, they probably came from a group of 200 outtakes… because of how many times he interrupts my clicking with his big slobbery tongue! Can’t say I mind it though :-)

Happy Friday!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

Baxter & Piggy Spread the Love

Those of you who are foster parents know how rewarding it is to get positive updates from your former fosters in their new homes. What’s even better is seeing with your own eyes how well your animal is doing – how they’ve adjusted, how they’re making bonds with their new family, and just how happy they are.

I got the privilege of seeing Baxter with his new family last weekend for a special occasion. During his stay with me, Baxter and I visited one of his biggest fans: Big Bruno’s mother. Of course she had heard all about Baxter, so we went down there one day to meet her in person. Once Baxter was in his new home, his forever family was gracious enough to bring him & his new sister over to introduce themselves to Big Bruno’s mom as well. It ended up being a big reunion and an incredible visit, hanging out with the two happy dogs and their amazing parents. Big Bruno’s mother and Baxter rekindled their friendship as if they’d been life long buddies.

Miss Piggy, being the love bug she is, joined right in. They both soaked up the attention, and of course.. the treats.

Bax & Miss Piggy didn’t fail to show us just how happy they are as brother and sister. They broke into a few wrestling matches but stopped frequently to distribute kisses around the room. A dose of these two faces will make anyone’s day brighter!