Big Hugs

When you’re an event planner, you learn to appreciate those around you. You learn to appreciate your committee members who know the event just as well as you do so they can trouble shoot in your absence. You learn to appreciate the volunteers who spend an entire one of their weekend days at your event without any compensation. You learn to appreciate the vendors who understand when there’s a hiccup in the logistics and the businesses who put a little extra hustle on your orders the week before when things are running behind deadlines. You learn to appreciate the people in your life who not only understand your extra-busy schedule around event season, but go out of their way to give you a reason to smile during the most stressful times. You really learn to appreciate your parents who watch your foster dog for you during all those 10 hour work days leading up to the event and who bring said foster dog to the big day just to visit you.

You learn to appreciate the fact that all those awesome people deserve really big hugs.


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Why You Want Me Wednesday

Why You Want Me Wednesday is your one-stop-shop for all the fabulous reasons why I’ll be your next best friend! So far I’ve proven to be a fabulous lap dog, a great adventuring partner and a really silly sleeper who will make you laugh!

Today I’m sharing my fashion-forward style with you to show what a fab accessory I’ll be at the end of your leash! This week, the reason you want me is:


That’s right. I rock the pink like nobody’s business. Yes, I know I have a boy’s name – but all the better reason to show my feminine side, right? Besides, it totally impresses all the boy doggies. . . hehe. Do you think it will impress my forever family?

dress2 dress3

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