Maximum Visibility

Baxter recently received his Adopt Me vest in the mail from All I can say is WOW – what a vital part of foster marketing! This particular vest is different than your average Adopt Me bandanna or collar. I LOVE those items as well (I’ve made a few of my own), but you cannot miss a dog wearing this vest, even if you are across the street! I’ve searched the internet and really haven’t been able to find another vest like this one; so bright and crisp and clear.

I put it on Baxter when we went to a huge adoption event last weekend – I’m talking with hundreds of dogs – and it really set him apart from the others. It gave him that extra visibility, which in turn gave him extra attention. The more attention, the more potential adopters! Comeback Kid Baxter likes that concept.

(He was also a perfect gentleman at this event. Even with all the chaos, humans & dogs alike, he minded his manners. And of course people loved him).

I put his Adopt Me vest on him everywhere we go because you just never know when you might meet a potential forever home!  I even put it on him when I went with some friends to play Disc Golf (have you ever even heard of that game!? It is soo fun – literally a mix of Frisbee and golf). Maybe the woods held his future hiking partner, you never know.

Adopt Me!!!

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