We Want a Forever Home Right Meow

The kitties celebrated Christmas, too – with their wish for Santa being a forever home. I’m not a cat person because I have insane allergies to them, but I know if I wasn’t allergic I’d be a crazy cat lady.  Photographing cats in costumes is significantly more difficult than dogs though (despite the show Otis put on in Monday’s post), but it makes that close-to-perfect shot very rewarding!




These kitties are awaiting their forever homes at the Montgomery County Humane Society!

Winston’s Next Journey

There is an abundance of homeless pets on this planet. That is the sad, blatant reality. The saving grace for those homeless pets are the good people that work in their honor, trying to lessen the homeless population one pet at a time. Some dedicate their lives to it, and some dedicate a $10 donation to it – but each and every person makes a difference in their own way.

Good Samaritans come in all shapes, sizes, and efforts. I got a call from a good Samaritan yesterday whose Samaritan status is just about as good as they get.  I receive a lot of calls and emails for dogs that need new homes – too many to help through this blog, honestly – but this one was referred to me by Mark’s dad, and his story thus far is just too great not to share.

Andrew, a coworker of Mark’s Dad, was driving home from work one night and saw a pair of beady little eyes in the headlights. Once he realized it was a dog, he pulled over to investigate. Just as he was noticing it was a “pit bull” dog (so basically it had a big head and likely a very waggy tail), the dog hopped up into Andrew’s car like he’d been waiting for him all day.

Now many good Samaritans would have helped this dog by getting it off the streets and taking it to the local shelter.  Andrew didn’t do that though. Andrew drove directly home, and introduced the dog to his wife and his two resident dogs.  He and his family took this little black and white “pit bull” dog, named him Winston, and decided they would help him find a forever home.

Winston quickly proved to them that they made the right decision by being housetrained and very sweet.  He also gets along with their male and female rescue dogs, apparently loving the opportunity to play with them. Winston’s lucky in that he landed in this accidental foster home that appreciates his need for exercise, and is willing to give him daily walks and romps in the yard to keep him happy.

While Winston fits in well with this family, they can’t bring on another dog at this time and they want to find him a great forever home. They are doing absolutely everything they can to spread the word about this handsome guy, they even made this great video about him!

Furthermore, they just got him neutered and vaccinated (ding ding ding – jackpot, adopters!).  They’re clearly taking wonderful care of him during this stop of his journey, but he needs to find a place to crash for life. He’s in the DE/PA area, so if you know someone looking for a totally happy-go-lucky, dog-friendly pup – send them my way!

If you’re interested in adopting Winston, email me at peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

Update on Baxter

Thankfully I am here with good news about Baxter’s recovery. He is home and healing up in the comfort of his own family!  He was released from the hospital Tuesday evening, and his family was up all night keeping him comfortable and giving him meds. As you could have probably guessed, he has been subjected to the cone of shame.

I actually got the chance to go visit him yesterday! His hero Big Bruno was babysitting ‘the kids’ all day, so I stopped by during my lunch. Baxter was in great spirits and greeted me at the door with the rest of the welcoming committee. They are a silly bunch, those three.

He’s got a bunch of energy, which is good – but it means they have to be extra careful about keeping his activity level low. The silly guy barely acts like he almost died!

His parents are being so wonderful and taking such great care of him.  I am thankful that he found them as his final place to land.  Baxter has a long road of recovery ahead of him – right now he can only eat every few hours and is still on lots of medication – but he is in the best hands possible. I will surely keep you updated on him!