Our First Week in Photos

Johnnie here! My new foster mama says that pictures speak one thousand words, so here are some pictures of our first week together. We did a LOT! I have been adjusting to home life like the star student I am, but mama will update you all that next week. For now, enjoy pictures of how cute I am what we did all week!

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Pretty much sums up what we do. . . started the day sleeping, do a bunch of fun stuff, then end the day sleeping. I have a feeling that’s what we’ll do all weekend! Stay tuned to next week to see what fun adventures we get into!

If you’re interested in adopting Johnnie Cash, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

Elderbulls: I’m Sexy & I Know It

From the tips of their dry, cracking noses to their extra wrinkly skin to their soulful eyes that tell years of stories – Elderbulls are the hidden gem of the dog world.  My love for them began in the form of a petite dog with a permanent inquisitive look on her face. Her name was Zabora and she was gentle, sweet, and as uncoordinated as the best of them. Elderbulls have a very cozy piece of my heart because of just how loving yet stubborn they can be.  It’s like they’ve been through it, they’ve paid their dues, and now they are going to have it their way or the highway!

I much prefer Elderbulls over pushy, bouncy teenagers. I’d love if there was a better market for them in the adoptionsphere so I could take them all home and give them warm, squishy beds to sleep on while they await their perfect family.  It seems to me that why would you ever get anything else when you can save an older dog who might be overlooked but will have much better manners than the cute puppy in the next kennel!? A dog who wants to sleep, snuggle, and lounge all day? Sign me up!

I met three wonderful Elderbulls at Animal Farm Foundation last week, all with big personalities to match their age. Maverick is a seasoned veteran who seems to know the ropes better than most humans. He is a perfect gentleman on the leash and has a been there, done that sort of attitude. His gorgeous orange eyes complement his brindle coat, so much so that you barely even noticed the mangled nubs that are his ears’ crop job.

Julep was the only female of this Elderbull group, automatically putting her at diva status. I had her for one day of training techniques and she simply said, “Ehh. Your treats aren’t good enough for me,” and put her focus elsewhere. It was okay though because you knew that she was secretly happy to be hanging out with you, even if she didn’t really show it. She’s a shy girl to most, but I can definitely imagine her sassy side when she gets comfortable! I mean that in the sweetest way, of course. She’s the type of girl that deserves to be the only dog allowed on the furniture, you know what I mean?  If you’re looking for your very own love seat occupier, Julep is for you.

Last but certainly not least: Sir Pugsley Hill.  This one was almost a stick-in-the-trunk-to-bring-home-when-no-one-is-looking dog. First of all, he is named after a part of AFF’s property, so if that doesn’t give you a sense of the sort of entitlement he feels, I don’t know what will. To his credit, poor Pugsley was adopted out when he was young, he lived a happy life, and then his owner died so he returned to AFF at eleven years old. Pugsley Hill lives in the AFF office, so he was set up to be spoiled from the get-go. Then he looks at you with these eyes:

This dog, I swear, can smell food from a mile away – and he is pushy about it! I loved it though. There is nothing like having a little Pugsley piggy snout attempting to root through your pockets and then giving you a big “Hmpf!” look when you produce nothing for him. He hung out with us during many of our presentations and, after making the rounds to see who would be sucker enough to sneak him treats, he would snooze away at our feet. He is just so comical and endearing with that ear + eye combo.  If anyone is looking for a silly Elderbull who likes to sleep, eat, and look overly adorable at all times, Pugsley is your guy!

If you’re still not convinced how awesome Elderbulls are, check out the ELDERBULLS Facebook page inspired by Sarge, a dog who was rescued from a bad situation at age fourteen and went on to become a therapy dog and a legend.

Happy Friday to all the Elderbulls out there, and the wonderful humans who care for them!

Maine Dogs

Today is Labor Day: the unofficial ending of summer. It’s a day to celebrate with a big party to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall – a time to look back on all your happy summer memories.

For me, one of my best summer memories is always our trip to Maine. When I was in Maine this August, we stopped by the SPCA of Hancock County‘s Pet Show & Fair. I love going to other organization’s events to see their best practices, and of course hang out with a whole different group of dogs!  This event was smaller scale than ones in the DC area, but their sense of community made it different than many of the events I’ve attended. I loved it!

No matter where you go around the country, there’s always going to be something in common: awesome dogs. Here are some shots of pups I met on that drizzly afternoon.

THREE LEGGED PITTIE!!?!? Not sure her story – but this gal was a total lovebug!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day!

Otis at the Lake

During the summer here at the PLF house we are lucky to find two things: an entirely free evening and a day with weather under ninety degrees. So when we came across a BOTH of those, it meant one thing: a trip to our local state park.

The adventure came with zero expectations except to enjoy the evening and get our feet (or paws) wet. There were a few too many humans – especially small, shrieking, quick moving ones – for Otis’ liking, but we found quiet nooks to take some pictures and slip into the water.

The best part about going to parks or trails with Otis is that he ignores most other people or dogs around him. I got so many compliments this evening saying he was so well behaved (and of course remarks about how handsome he is). He follows me anywhere I go, so if I step off the trail for bikers or hikers, he steps off the trail too. I had a serious face-to-palm moment after the third person told me how great he was and I realized I had forgotten to bring Adopt Me vest .

So he might not have gotten any adoption bites, but he certainly got some socialization. Even if he doesn’t interact with anyone, going to popular places where we can expose him to new things while staying within his comfort zone is very valuable in helping him become a more confident dog.

He enjoyed the water and the park surrounding it – though he only stuck to his paws in the wet category. Here is Otis demonstrating his appreciation for cool water, a good patch of grass, and a nice spot to relax.

(And here he is showing you his best puppy face:)

Aside from just his good looks, Otis will be a spectacular hiking/walking/relaxing partner for someone looking for a trail buddy. He’s up for pretty much anything if it involves water, grass, or dirt!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

FosterAunt is in the House!

Remember when I told you about my FosterAunt, and how worried I was about her because of her inability to stay on a horse? Well she is here to visit for a few days from Kin-tuck-ee, and I’m so excited to see she is in one piece with my own two eyes!

I just know we’re going to be the best of friends the next two days. In fact, check back later this week to see what adventures we get in to!

(P.S. Here she is showing how little I mind having my personal space invaded. It’s probably because of how much face-squishing FosterMama does, but I’m totally okay with inappropriately close nuzzling by my friends!)

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

Photographing Otis

… is not always easy!

All he ever wants is kisses! Want to know a little secret? If I post four photos in an entry, they probably came from a group of 200 outtakes… because of how many times he interrupts my clicking with his big slobbery tongue! Can’t say I mind it though :-)

Happy Friday!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.