Chew-tastic Fridays

I’m always looking for something to entertain Baxter because I feel bad when I’m going about my evening and he is just staring at me looking bored. I know how important mental and physical stimulation are, and both of those can be provided through chewing or licking toys, treats, and kongs. I can’t, however, give him a lot of yummy bones or easily destructible chew toys because they will hurt his poor tummy, so I have a limited number of options.

The problem is, Baxter can be picky about what he likes to play with, not to mention has no clue how to really “play” with toys at all. So I am happy whenever I find a toy that he likes to work on for more than just an initial sniff. It’s been a rare occasion, but is slowly becoming more regular. So far we have had minor success with a very strong rope toy (as seen on the picture I put on the blog’s facebook page), a moose antler which doesn’t break, splinter, or rip apart like marrow bones but still requires strict supervision, and this random toy:

And then poof, the interest is gone.

I’ve actually found it very difficult to find the perfect toy/mode of distraction for Baxter. They have to have a few criteria: 1) Entertaining enough to last him a decent amount of time (anything past 30 minutes would be awesome – he blows through frozen kongs in a matter of 10 minutes). Usually this means they have to taste good in some way shape or form. 2) Indestructible, meaning he cannot rip off big (or even little) pieces and swallow them. 3) If they are food, then they can’t be super rich or full of unhealthy ingredients. Roasted marrow bones, treat sticks, bully sticks – they all hurt his sensitive stomach.

So, the search continues. Until then I’ll just have to keep him too sleepy to be bored, something that has been very easy since we’ve started having regular play dates with pit bull Bella! Stay tuned for pictures of this too-cute pair.

Have a great weekend!