Why You Want Me Wednesday #6

Many of the past Why You Want Me Wednesdays have revolved around my love for sleeping. In a unique way, this week’s reason is along the same lines. Check me out:


I am one of the best car riders foster mama has ever had! Especially if the heat is on or there is a sun spot in the back seat – I fall absolutely right to sleep. Foster mama says I have great manners and that I don’t move all over the place or try to bug her while she’s driving or any of that nonsense – which, oddly enough, is a far cry from my behavior the first time she ever took me in a car back in October before I was ever a foster dog! For my own safety mama talks about needing to get me some kind of seat belt or something, but that she’s dragging her paws in getting it because I’m so good already!

car6 car5 car4 car3 car1

See – I’m either sitting quietly or snoozing away! Doesn’t get much better than that!

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