Brad Paisley said it best.

“I know she’s not perfect, but she tries so hard for me & I thank God that she isn’t, because how boring would that be?” – Little Moments by Brad Paisley

Little Miss Thing is back and feeling on top of the world. Only thing is, she is stuck “on a leash” for the next five days. That means no running, jumping, or acrobats for this girl! She tries to play, I tell her no, and she sulks. She is just not happy about it.

Zabora disagrees with a lot of things she is told. One thing she doesn’t like to hear is that begging will not get you anything. Zabora has a bad case of “the begging eyes”, which have clearly worked to her advantage in the past. She slowly sneaks up on you and your choice of yummy food and – BAM – there she is with “the eyes”. I promise you, saying no to “the eyes” is absurdly difficult.

But, just like everything else she does, Miss Zabora begs in a very polite fashion. She isn’t pushy and she isn’t annoying, she just sits there looking ridiculously cute. Sometimes she gently touches you with her nose as if to say, “Excuse me, but I think you forgot to give me some!”

If a dog has to have one not-perfect trait, being an adorably polite beggar is on the list of things I can deal with.  Other things you have to put up with when it comes to Zabora are excessive tail wagging, extra slobbery kisses, and some snoring when she is sound asleep at your feet. Sounds miserable, right?