Living in the Moment

When we came home from work on Monday evening, we took a little breather. We played fetch a little longer, spent a little extra time without the tv on and enjoyed that extra glass of wine in each other’s company.

If there’s anything we took away from the Boston attack (besides the fact that humanity as a whole is not evil, but in fact so, so good when faced with an event like this) it is that we need to stop moving at full speed all the time. We never know when things will change; when our lives will be shaken up forever. It’s today’s philosophy that moremoremore is better and that if you take a minute to just soak up the sunshine, you’re probably not doing enough. So, in the spirit of being a little more relaxed, a little less uptight and a little more thankful to just be alive, we decided to take a lesson from Johnnie.

Here are some times where Johnnie shows us how to live blissfully in the moment (and not care a lick about how foster mom feels about her actions):





We hope our friends all over the globe are safe and sound, home with their loved ones and perhaps letting their pets get away with maybe just a little something extra this week.

To adopt Johnnie Cash and learn lessons about everyday joy, visit her Adopt Me page.