Three’s Company: I Need Your Help!

Three times the wagging tails. Three times the big doggy grins. Three times the unconditional love. Some say that two or three dogs are much better than one.

01Since I’ve started doing ‘Staycations‘ for Dog Latin Dog Training where I stay at the client’s house and work with their dog(s) while the humans are out of town, I’ve had to adapt to many different canine scenarios. Most recently, I stayed with the above three goofballs. They were adorable and sweet, but I’ll be honest – I haven’t quite mastered the multidog household yet. Basic obedience work, food puzzles and even plain old walks are a whole different ball game when you’re dealing with more than one dog.

So, readers, I need your advice. How do you manage your multidog household? These pups all got along great, but it was still a little hairy trying to manage them all without anyone getting too excited and knocking the house over. Got any tips for me? Any advice or common practices to keep the house orderly with so many paws bouncing around? Is there anything I should be steering clear of or making sure I definitely do? It’s a lot of fun, but three mischievous pups are a whole heck of a lot harder to keep track of than just one! Thanks – can’t wait to hear your thoughts!