Why You Want Me Wednesday #7

Let’s see if we can remember all the fabulous reasons why you want me: I’m a lap dog, I’m a great partner in crime, I am a very silly sleeper, I look fab in a dress, I will spend sunny afternoons snoozing with you and I’m a kick butt passenger in the car!

This week, I’d like to point out the following:

specialbdaysEveryone loves feeling special on their birthday. The thing is, I make my humans feel extra special every day because of how excited I am to see them pretty much all the time. I give kisses galore and I trot around after you like you’re just the best thing since sliced dog treats.  This means that I’ll continue to make you feel special on your birthday too! Who wouldn’t want my wiggly bundle of loving to greet you on your birthday morning?

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If you know anyone who would love to adopt me and feel extra special on their birthday and every other day, send them my foster mama’s way! Xoxo, Johnnie Cash.

To adopt Johnnie Cash the birthday lover, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.