Elderbulls: I’m Sexy & I Know It

From the tips of their dry, cracking noses to their extra wrinkly skin to their soulful eyes that tell years of stories – Elderbulls are the hidden gem of the dog world.  My love for them began in the form of a petite dog with a permanent inquisitive look on her face. Her name was Zabora and she was gentle, sweet, and as uncoordinated as the best of them. Elderbulls have a very cozy piece of my heart because of just how loving yet stubborn they can be.  It’s like they’ve been through it, they’ve paid their dues, and now they are going to have it their way or the highway!

I much prefer Elderbulls over pushy, bouncy teenagers. I’d love if there was a better market for them in the adoptionsphere so I could take them all home and give them warm, squishy beds to sleep on while they await their perfect family.  It seems to me that why would you ever get anything else when you can save an older dog who might be overlooked but will have much better manners than the cute puppy in the next kennel!? A dog who wants to sleep, snuggle, and lounge all day? Sign me up!

I met three wonderful Elderbulls at Animal Farm Foundation last week, all with big personalities to match their age. Maverick is a seasoned veteran who seems to know the ropes better than most humans. He is a perfect gentleman on the leash and has a been there, done that sort of attitude. His gorgeous orange eyes complement his brindle coat, so much so that you barely even noticed the mangled nubs that are his ears’ crop job.

Julep was the only female of this Elderbull group, automatically putting her at diva status. I had her for one day of training techniques and she simply said, “Ehh. Your treats aren’t good enough for me,” and put her focus elsewhere. It was okay though because you knew that she was secretly happy to be hanging out with you, even if she didn’t really show it. She’s a shy girl to most, but I can definitely imagine her sassy side when she gets comfortable! I mean that in the sweetest way, of course. She’s the type of girl that deserves to be the only dog allowed on the furniture, you know what I mean?  If you’re looking for your very own love seat occupier, Julep is for you.

Last but certainly not least: Sir Pugsley Hill.  This one was almost a stick-in-the-trunk-to-bring-home-when-no-one-is-looking dog. First of all, he is named after a part of AFF’s property, so if that doesn’t give you a sense of the sort of entitlement he feels, I don’t know what will. To his credit, poor Pugsley was adopted out when he was young, he lived a happy life, and then his owner died so he returned to AFF at eleven years old. Pugsley Hill lives in the AFF office, so he was set up to be spoiled from the get-go. Then he looks at you with these eyes:

This dog, I swear, can smell food from a mile away – and he is pushy about it! I loved it though. There is nothing like having a little Pugsley piggy snout attempting to root through your pockets and then giving you a big “Hmpf!” look when you produce nothing for him. He hung out with us during many of our presentations and, after making the rounds to see who would be sucker enough to sneak him treats, he would snooze away at our feet. He is just so comical and endearing with that ear + eye combo.  If anyone is looking for a silly Elderbull who likes to sleep, eat, and look overly adorable at all times, Pugsley is your guy!

If you’re still not convinced how awesome Elderbulls are, check out the ELDERBULLS Facebook page inspired by Sarge, a dog who was rescued from a bad situation at age fourteen and went on to become a therapy dog and a legend.

Happy Friday to all the Elderbulls out there, and the wonderful humans who care for them!

“I’m Not Begging”

Want to know what a “hungry” Baxter looks like? I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about… the dog that tries so hard to convince you they absolutely have not had meals in DAYS (despite the fact that they recently had a midday snack). Baxter’s techniques come in many forms.

One is the hover craft – never being far from the dog food dinner being made.

One is the sniper – eying the source from afar.

And then of course, one is the Decepticon – spinning webs of “I’m starving” lies using the look.

These techniques are often stronger than the human powers of resistance. Unlike begging, it is found that these alternative methods of convincing are not only extremely effective in achieving his dinner goals, but they are said to be nearly foolproof when weakening the Food Master’s willpower. How can you resist the silent little mouse that is merely watching you politely as you fix his dinner? Yeah, that’s right…  you can’t : -)

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.