Johnnie’s Inaugural Scrub

There are a couple things you really have to do with a dog you spring from a shelter, and giving them a bath is on the top of that list for us at PLF. To her dismay, Johnnie was no exception.


Mark decided he wanted to try and make it her decision to get in the tub (unlike the fate of many others who simply get picked up and plopped in). We tried for about ten minutes using one of her favorite antlers, to no avail. So she was plopped in as well. She surrendered to the suds almost immediately after we got her in there.



But, like most of our foster pups, Johnnie Cash reaped the reward of a good shake off and towel dry down afterwards. She pretended like she didn’t like that part either, but I know she was soaking up the attention.  All in all she was a model pup for her first bath time!


Photo by foster dad.

Photo by foster dad.

Photo by foster dad.

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Baths Stink!

We did a lot of playing in the yard this weekend, and my paws got all this green and brown stuff on them. Fostermama kept scrunching her nose up any time I walked by, saying, “Otis, you need a bath – you stink!” Well you know what I think? I think baths stink!

I put up with it like the gentleman I am, but boy was I happy to get out and I dry off!

When I got all dried off I realized I was really happy about how handsome I looked so fresh and clean! Look, you can even see my spots. I don’t like baths, but I sure like the final product. Don’t you? Maybe you’ll decide to take my good lookin’ self home?

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

Scrub a Dub Dub: Bath Time for Otie

Otis had a ton of fun on our weekend adventures. There is a weird thing about having fun: it often leads to a not-so-good smelling dog. Otis made it clear that he was no exception to this phenomenon, and he spent all of Saturday night and Sunday morning spreading his lovely mud, creek, and plant perfumes all over the house. The last straw was when we went to take Easter pictures and couldn’t even get within two feet of him.

It was time for a bath.

You can imagine that Honey B’Otis, the king of making sad faces, portrayed his bath time a little worse than it actually was. Don’t let him fool you – he was a champ in the tub, and by the time rinsing came around he was even wagging a little bit.

The best part, as always, was the towel drying. I think everyone is a little relieved when you make it through bath time with close to zero traumatizing events.

At the end of it all, Otis did celebratory zoomies and then even received the fosterdad seal of approval (there are few things that Mark dislikes more in this world than snuggling with a smelly dog). With how much Otis loves running through the woods, rolling in the grass, and swimming in the creek, it sure is good he tolerates bath time so well.

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