Our Weekend in the Mountains

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Why You Want Me Wednesday because we just couldn’t resist telling you more about our weekend!

After our exciting and slightly disastrous trip to the cherry blossoms, we hopped right on the road to head to Shenandoah National Park! You might remember that we hiked out there for the first time a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love. Mark and I wanted to do something for our three year anniversary, and knew this was the perfect dog friendly getaway. We found an adorable little cabin online that was a great size for the three of us, included a hot tub (um, yes please), sat right on the bank of a river and was only about 15 minutes outside of the park – jackpot!

Johnnie proved to be an absolutely amazing travel partner. She of course fell asleep the instant we got on the road, especially after how hard she worked staying half-sane at the cherry blossoms. Check in wasn’t until 3 pm, so we went straight to hiking and site seeing when we arrived at the park late morning.



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Yes, Johnnie wore her pack again (but I didn’t think ahead enough to order a new one per your suggestions from out last hiking post – doh). It really is such a huge help to have her carry some of our supplies, including her own water bowl and our snacks.

Since we didn’t mind taking a more leisurely hike, we goofed off a lot as we went. We love the outdoors and hiking but this wasn’t the trip to cover many miles. We spent about two hours enjoying the weather, exploring the trail and taking in the scenery.

17 16 12


When we finally called it a day with the hike, we loaded ourselves up in the car and made the brief drive to the cabin. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but were absolutely thrilled with what we found! This would be the point where I show you pictures of the cabin and the grounds, but I don’t have any of those so I’ll just show you the view off our deck. Johnnie was in sun spot HEAVEN after all that exhausting hiking we did (yes, those rocking chairs are our make-shift baby gate).

02We spent a lot of time relaxing that afternoon since, after all, that was what the trip was for. These are pictures of our deck taken with a fish eye lens. They give you a good sense of why we loved the place so much!

03 04 05

It was just a few steps out the back door to the water, which brings me to tomorrow’s post. Guess what water adventure little J Cash was brave enough to go on! Here’s a hint:

canoe1Tune in tomorrow to see how it went!

To adopt Johnnie Cash, the perfect little traveler, hiking partner and adventure buddy, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

What a Weekend!

We had such an amazing weekend, with so many adventures! Mark, Johnnie and I headed out for a special get away – but only after making a pit stop (pun intended, har har) on the way there. Stay tuned to the blog all this week to hear about our trip! Here are a few hints about the two places we went. Can’t wait to show you more pictures!


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To adopt Johnnie Cash, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

Carrying Her Weight: Johnnie Goes Hiking

When our Sunday opened up at the last minute this past weekend and the weather forecast was absolutely beautiful (60 degrees and sunny? yes please!), Mark and I knew we wanted to do something fun and unique for the day. We also knew it would be in our best interest to do something that would tire Johnnie out, so of course our first idea was to go for a cool hike – but where? We’ve been all over the DC and MD area and we wanted to try something new (sort of like when we ventured to Fort McHenry with Charlie).

We decided to make a big move and travel the hour and a half drive to an access point for the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Mark and I have always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail together, but have never gotten around to it. What better opportunity than an uncharacteristically warm winter day with an eager four-legged hiking buddy to join you?


Mark had the great idea before we headed out of town to pick Johnnie up a doggy hiking backpack. We ran to Petco and picked up the perfect little pack for J!  Because we were planning on hiking for a while, we had water and snacks packed for ourselves – now Johnnie could help us carry them!  Though, as you’ll see as you read this post, we did a lot on this hike, and the bag is already breaking a little bit (it was only $15) – any hiking-with-your-dog gurus out there who have recommendations on where to get an awesome and durable doggy backpack?

10 11

Anyway – we were surprised to show up to a very snowy Shenandoah National Park. Expecting to step out of the car to chillier temps than when we left, we were happy to realize that despite all the snow it was still extremely mild there!  Johnnie was absolutely thrilled with all the snow. It was so fun to watch her play in it.

01 02

06During the hike we romped a little, Johnnie bounced around and found sticks, we practiced some manners, we met new friends and we completely exhausted ourselves. Having to wear the pack was definitely an added bonus in the working-Johnnie-out category! She still did her favorite bunny hops, but you could tell they took extra effort.

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Two and a half hours later, we walked back to our car dripping wet and totally worn out. Johnnie was such a great walker during the hike – she stayed on a loose leash almost the entire time, which was very appreciated by the humans because of how slippery and wet it was! Meeting new people was the only time she was a little over eager, but we expected that from her little human-loving self. Check out our loose-leash extraordinaire in action:

18 19

It was such a fun adventure. Johnnie was asleep about three minutes after getting in the car to head home, and snoozed on and off the entire evening until bed time.

We’re so excited to head back to Shenandoah National Park again as it gets warmer (we bought a year-long pass!). We’d love to bring Johnnie back with us again, but we won’t mind if she can’t make it because she finds her forever home. Do you know anyone looking for the perfect addition to their hiking party?

22To adopt your perfect hiking buddy, Johnnie Cash, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.