Do I Swim?

Fostermama said it was getting too HOT so she wanted to take me to a place where I could go swimming. I asked her what that meant, and she said it was jumping in the wawter and pawdling around so that you don’t sink. I told her, “Why would I ever sink? I keep my four paws planted on the ground, thank you.” She laughed and simply responded, “We will see.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, but I do whatever fostermom does because she knows best, so I hopped in the car with her and fosterdad and off we went for a long drive. We drove on winding roads past horse fields and big barns and slowly the other cars on the road disappeared. Soon we ended up at this big body of wawter that fostermom called the Potomac River.

Well, I actually forgot about this until we got there, but I love wawter! I had no problem walking up to the edge and dipping my paws in. Fostermama thought I’d be a little less excited to see this wawter than my usual creek because it is soooo much bigger, but I still walked right in. I even did my usual move – check it out!

After I got acquainted with the wawter, fostermama tricked me convinced me to go a little further out with her, hoping I would go deep enough to swim.

I went in pretty far, but then all of a sudden I realized where I was headed and slammed on the brakes. No thanks – four paws on the ground, remember!

Fostermama said that was okay, and she was impressed with me for going so far out anyway. I concluded that I kinda like this big wawter business, but only when it involves four paws secured on the under-water land.  After all, I am a dog – not a fish.

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